Meg 2 Swims To $112 Million Overseas, And ‘Oppenheimer’ Hits $550 Million Worldwide


Meg 2 Swims To $112 Million Overseas, And ‘Oppenheimer’ Hits $550 Million Worldwide:

“Meg 2: The Trench,” the second shark movie starring Jason Statham, has grown to $112 million in its first weekend at the foreign box office, taking its total to $142 million worldwide.

It’s a good start for the $130 million movie, which Warner Bros. as well as China Media Capital helped pay for.

The first “The Meg,” which came out in 2018, made almost 73% of its $530 million international total from audiences outside of the United States. The sequel will also count on audiences outside of the United States to make it profitable.

Barbie Made History Alongside Earned $1.03 Billion Worldwide:

On the same day that “Barbie” made more than $1 billion at the box office, the other half of the “Barbenheimer” craze made more than $500 million.

Universal Pictures says that since it came out three weeks ago, Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” earned $552.9 million around the world.

It is now the highest-grossing R-rated movie of 2023, as well as “marks the fastest a Universal R-rated film has hit the $200 million revenue threshold domestically,” the company said in a news release on Sunday. Universal says that it is also the most profitable movie based during World War II.

Meg 2 Earned $53.3 Million Within China And $7.6 Million Within Mexico:

China was the country where “Meg 2” made the most money, with $53.3 million. Mexico was second, with $7.6 million, and the UK was third, with $5.1 million.

In North America, “The Trench” opened within second place alongside $30 million. This is a good start, but it’s a lot less than the original’s local debut of $45 million.

After 17 Days Within Theaters Oppenheimer Made $500 Million:

Overall, it was a big weekend at the global box office as “Barbie” crossed the $1 billion mark as well as “Oppenheimer” sailed past $500 million. After only 17 days in theaters, Greta Gerwig’s dream comedy “Barbie” made the billion-dollar club. It’s the quickest thing Warner Bros.

It takes “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2” 19 days after its release to make more than $1 billion. It also makes Gerwig the first woman to make a billion-dollar movie on her own.

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Barbie Earned $41.1 Million Over The Weekend Within Mexico:

Over the weekend, “Barbie” made $74 million, which brought its worldwide total to a big $572 million. The U.K. as well as Ireland $87.9 million, Mexico $48.9 million, Australia $41.1 million, as well as Brazil $39.5 million are the largest markets outside of the U.S.

“Oppenheimer,” a dark historical thriller by Christopher Nolan, has made $552.9 million around the world within its third the weekend of release. Imax has brought in an amazing $114,2 million, as well as 22% of the film’s overall earnings around the world.

From 78 Foreign Countries Oppenheimer Earned $52 Million Over The Weekend:

The R-rated film, which stars Cillian Murphy as the scientist who led the development of the atomic bomb that helped end the Second World War, made an extra $52 million from 78 foreign countries over the weekend, bringing the total amount made abroad to $324 million.

Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst at ComScore, said that Nolan’s blockbuster has had “an amazing theatrical run made even more impressive by the R-rating, running duration, and subject matter, which, in the hands of a lesser director and without a spectacular marketing as well as release strategy, would have likely ended up as a mere footnote when talking about the performance of historical dramas at the box office.”

“‘Oppenheimer’ has become among the most famous, talked-about, and profitable summer movies ever made through a major studio,” stated Dergarabedian. “It shows the power of outstanding filmmaking as well as of course, a little bit of ‘Barbenheimer’ magic.”

“Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” worked well together before they both came out on July 21. This may have been because they had very different styles as well as tones.

Oppenheimer Was The Fifth Biggest Movie For Nolan Even Bigger Than Dunkirk:

Now, it is Nolan’s fifth-biggest movie, even bigger than Dunkirk, which made $530 million, and the highest-grossing World War II movie ever.

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Universal says that “Oppenheimer” is one of four biopics to make $500 million, along with “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “The Passion of the Christ,” as well as “American Sniper.”

Insidious The Red Door Earned $182.5 Million Worldwide:

The Sony and Blumhouse movie “Insidious: The Red Door” has made $182.5 million overall, including $100 million abroad. It made $180 million, which was more than Universal’s big hit M3GAN. This made it the most successful horror movie of the year.

What Will Meg Do Next?

Warner Bros. doesn’t have any plans to make a third Meg movie right now, but that might shift if the first sequel does well at the box office.

The movies are based on the books that Steve Alten wrote. Only two of the eight novels that have been published have been turned into movies, so the company has a lot to work with when they decide to move onward.

Foreign markets, like China, where it has previously paid $53.3 million, are going to be very important in deciding whether or not a third payment can be made, as the coming days and weeks are extremely crucial to the survival of a species of shark that was thought to be dead.

Review Of Meg 2 The Trench:

A adorable dog, an Eight year old girl, as well as a lot of people sunbathing on the beach luckily escaped “The Meg” without getting hurt. The British director Ben Wheatley is in charge of “Meg 2: The Trench.”

In his darkly comedic thrillers such as “Down Terrace,” “Kill List,” as well as “Free Fire,” he has killed a lot of people, so it makes sense that his take upon a killer shark movie would be a bit more violent.

But “Meg 2,” such as the first, has a PG-13 rating, which is good for the box office, so Wheatley is restricted in how much violence he can show.

Still, he finds a lot of clever ways to kill bad guys as well as side characters that give him the same kind of horror-like pleasure. There is a shot taken from inside a shark’s mouth as it eats people. I think that’s a good way to go.

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The Meg Have Some Similarities Of Jurassic Park:

The first “Meg” was like “Jurassic Park” because it was about an animal that had been dead for a long time coming back to cause trouble for humans. The next step for “Meg 2” was to steal from “The Lost World.”

Jonas Taylor, the hero who hunts sharks and protects the ocean, now has a granddaughter to look out for. Meanwhile, the list of ancient predators upon the hunt has grown to include several dinosaurs that live on land and a giant squid.

Any shark movie will, of course, always be judged against “Jaws.” Wheatley makes fun of it by making a jokey reference to “Jaws 2.” The main feeling here is that the director is having fun, which may be why the movie can frequently be funny and sometimes wonderful.

It has a light, irreverent tone that sometimes gets close to being funny. For example, a villain’s cocky victory speech is interrupted by a shark straight out of “Deep Blue Sea,” and a splashy pink title card tells us that the place where three sharks are about to attack is called “Fun Island.”

How close is the movie to being a real parody? At one point, Statham jumps a shark in the movie. Certainly the initial “Meg” was a very serious movie. It was funny, but the jokes seemed more like they were told by the company.

Meg 2 Was Much Better Alongside The Tale And Feels Less Forced:

“Meg 2” has a bit of charm that fits better with the story and feels less forced. Page Kennedy as well as Cliff Curtis, who play scientists who must participate in the action, have a lot more freedom to act silly and have fun, and some of the sight gags really stand out.

In this one, too, it should be said, no dogs get hurt. There’s already a lot of crazy chaos going on, so adding more will have been too much.