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Messi will sue the five leaders who were aware of his contract at Barcelona

From Spain they assured that the Argentine will resort to justice (Photo: Reuters)
From Spain they assured that the Argentine will resort to justice (Photo: Reuters)

Filtering the details of the contract who signed Lionel Messi with the Barcelona at 2017 it continues to be a central theme in Spain. The latest information in that country indicates that the footballer will file a complaint before the Justice with the intention of clarifying what happened with that private link.

As reported by the radio program El Mon, from the Catalan station Rac1, both the 33-year-old athlete and the club They would take action on the matter to deepen on this issue that generated worldwide repercussions. The information they provided is that there are five names that generate suspicion. The ex-president Josep Maria Bartomeu and part of his board of directors they are in the crosshairs, despite the fact that recently the protagonists themselves took charge of publicly defending themselves.

Bartomeu spoke publicly through a message
Bartomeu spoke publicly through a message

“Messi puts the former president of the club, Josep Maria Bartomeu; the former sports vice president, Jordi Mestre; the current CEO, Òscar Grau; the president of the club’s management board and then president of the economic commission, Carles Tusquets, and also the head of the club’s legal services, Romano Gómez Bridges”, Detailed the website of Rac 1 on these points, in addition to ensuring that the institution also considers “requesting an internal investigation to see who has leaked the contract.” As the newspaper clarified Sport, These five people are the ones who had access to the document.

With this action, the intention of the Argentine star, through his lawyers, is find out who was responsible for leaking that confidential document to the press. A fact that could be considered a crime.

In this line, two of the five names that the Catalan media put in the center of the board have already come out to speak publicly. While Bartomeu did it through a message, Jordi Mestre expressed himself through an interview with the Network Cope.

Carles Tusquets is one of the five executives who would be in the spotlight due to the leak of Messi's contract (Efe)
Carles Tusquets is one of the five executives who would be in the spotlight due to the leak of Messi’s contract (Efe)

“I hear certain media hint that someone from the outgoing board or I have leaked this contract. And this is totally false “, said former President Bartomeu in a message that he sent to the Barcelona radio program No Concessions from RKB. “It is a very serious matter, it is totally illegal to filter professional contracts and this will end in court because neither Barça nor Messi can accept that this crime is nothing, “he added.

The former vice president also released himself from any responsibility and he slipped a conspiracy theory: “Whenever something happens at Real Madrid, some controversial news comes out against Barça. It already happened with Neymar, with Rosell, with Messi … and I believe less and less in coincidences ”.

Until now, Carles Tusquets, who commands the current management board until the next presidential elections, did not comment on the matter, like the other two pointed out.


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