Meta Quest 2 dominates the VR landscape after a spectacular Christmas sales


The Meta device widens the gap between other alternatives like PlayStation VR or SteamVR.

In the past, we saw the Virtual reality as a very futuristic idea. But it seems that this future has captivated a good handful of gamers, as more and more users are enjoying this kind of digital entertainment. Among the alternatives we currently have, Oculus Quest 2 (now known as Meta Quest 2) seems to be the most popular among users with some really spectacular sales data during Christmas 2021.

This is celebrated by Ryan Engle, who has access to the Meta Quest 2 sales charts. In the image shared by Twitter, you can see a very remarkable growth in the purchase of the device during Christmas day, something that surpasses the numbers achieved last year with a prominent margin (the green line, depending on the user). Therefore, it is clear that Meta Quest 2 has given some very entertaining parties for all types of players.

And it is that the VR device of Meta has managed to dominate this sector of video games, because it has long reached the figures of other alternatives such as SteamVR or PlayStation VR. Some results that, according to the estimates of the exputer medium, they have widened the gap that already existed between Meta Quest 2 and other similar platforms thanks to great games like Resident Evil 4 VR, the best-selling game in the device’s history.

Source: exputerSource: exputer

We already told you a couple of months ago that, according to the calculations of Qualcomm, Meta Quest 2 would have sold 10 million units. And here the VR party of Meta does not end, because it seems that they want to go further with the video games preparing Eye Quest Pro, an improved version of which its design has already been leaked and several promotional videos that will encourage every fan of Virtual Reality.

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