Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition announced for PC, also coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X


At the end of last November 2021, we told you that Metro Exodus He had detailed which would be the best he would have for his landing on next-generation consoles. And today, 4A Games announced that Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition will arrive on PC soon.

As its name suggests, it is an improved version for compatible that, after all, will bring to that platform all the improvements that will also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X in the future. Of course, while the Enhanced Edition will arrive on PC this next spring, on consoles we will have to wait until some time later – and still undetermined – in 2021.

The news has come through a complete entry on the game’s official page. And according to the information there, it is also confirmed that the Mac version of the original game will be released on the Mac App Store, Steam and Epic Games Store in March. Also, the Linux version will be released a little later (also in 2021) on Steam.

As for the improvements that the Enhanced Edition for PC will have, we can expect the same ones that were discussed in their day for PS5 and Xbox Series X (better resolution and more FPS), but with some exclusive element as well. Basically even more advanced Ray Tracing reflections, as well as support for DLSS 2.0 on NVIDIA hardware.

So we can expect the best ray tracing effects, thanks to the latest GPU-compatible hardware from NVIDIA and AMD. Also, this update is so extensive that it will require a Ray Tracing-capable GPU as a minimum specification.

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In fact, according to its own creators, “This is not a simple ‘patch’ for the base game, but will be offered as a bonus for all existing Metro Exodus PC players.”. Of course, the Enhanced Edition will be completely free for users who already have the original title.