Michael Keaton Assesses UK COVID-19 Situation Before Reprising Batman Role For The Flash


Michael Keaton has indicated that he has not yet committed to reprising his role as Batman for The Flash due to their busy schedule and concerns about the current COVID-19 situation in the UK.

In an interview with Deadline, Keaton appeared to cast some doubt on whether he would be preparing to play Batman in the upcoming DC superhero movie, alongside Barry Allen (Ezra Miller). The actor acknowledged that it is “lucky and blessed” from being busy with work at the moment, though he also cited his busy schedule and pandemic concerns as two important considerations for undertaking new projects.

“I need a minute to think about it because I am very lucky and blessed to have so many things to do now.”Keaton explained. “I’m really into work right now. I don’t know why, but I am, so, yeah, I mean, you know, to tell you the truth, somewhere on my iPad there’s an iteration of the whole thing from Flash, for which I haven’t had time yet. “.

“I called them and said, I have to be honest with you. I can’t look at anything now. I’m very into what I’m doing now. Also, I’m preparing something that I’m producing and preparing to do it next fall, and I feel responsible. about that. So, yeah, there’s that. I’m not being cute or shy. If I talk about that, it would be silly. I really don’t know. I have to look at the latest draft. “he commented.

Beyond programming, Keaton expressed concern about the current COVID-19 situation, especially in the UK, where The Flash is being filmed. The actor admitted that the pandemic had become one of his biggest concerns when deciding whether to undertake new projects, and that he regularly monitors the ever-changing situation to help him determine whether it is safe for him to take the job.

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<b>David Goyer’s The Flash</b> </p>
<p> Even before the release of Batman Begins, Warners was so pleased with the script they turned to co-writer David Goyer to pen a Flash movie. Goyer was announced as writer, producer and director of The Flash in December 2004, and he reportedly was eyeing Blade: Trinity star Ryan Reynolds as Barry Allen, with Wally West playing a supporting role in the movie. Goyer eventually left the project in 2007 over creative differences. </p>
<p> The studio continued developing a solo Flash movie after Goyer’s departure, with The Dark Knight’s Charles Roven attached as producer. But by 2009, <a  data-cke-saved-href=

“I’m more attentive to the COVID-19 situation in the UK than anything else”Keaton said. “That will determine everything, and that’s why I’m living out of town, getting away from everyone, because the pandemic has me really worried. So that’s the first thing I have in mind for all projects. Is this thing going to kill me? Literally? You know, if he doesn’t, then we’ll talk. “.

With Ben Affleck’s Batman already confirmed to have a “very substantial part” In The Flash, Keaton previously joked that all of the previous ‘127’ ‘Batmen’ will appear in the film. It is expected to deal with the DC multiverse and deliver its own take on the iconic Flashpoint story that inspired elements from The Flash for TV series and The Justice League from The Paradox of Time (2013).