Microsoft debuts 2022 with another new PowerToy so good it should be a native Windows 10 and 11 feature


New year, new PowerToys and new features. There is no better way to release 2021 in software than by bringing news to Windows 10 and 11 users who want to improve the capabilities of the system. To the wide number of existing tools,Microsoft adds from today a new utility and a new function, which have also been expected for some time. Here you can download PowerToys version 0.53.1, or from the Store.

The first novelty is’Always On Top‘, and the second is an add-on to the search for’ PowerToys Run ‘. Let’s see what each of them contributed.


PowerToys should be tools included in Windows

Always On Top

With ‘Always On Top’, as its own name indicates in English, Microsoft gives us the possibility that the applications we choose are always in the foregroundregardless of what we do with others. It is a feature that can help with certain productivity tasks.

In the event that, for example, you want games to not be visible when playing full screen, this new PowerToy includes a game mode to temporarily disable the function when we play. We can also highlight the applications that we choose to have in the foreground by coloring their border, in order to distinguish them from the others.

Everything you are missing if you do not take advantage of the new PowerToys for Windows 10

By last, Microsoft allows you to activate ‘Always on Top’ in an open application with the Windows + Ctrl + T key combination, so you don’t have to configure them by manually adding them to a list. The same is possible to eliminate them from the applications that we want to keep in the foreground.

Windows 11 Powertoys

The other great novelty of the PowerToys comes to the launcher ‘PowerToys Run’, with which Microsoft wanted to look like macOS search and its Spotlight. So far, it has worked as a quick way to open apps. Now, Microsoft has added the ability to search the web.

To directly search for any term on the Internet, all we have to do is write the word to search with a double question mark “??” in front. In case we look for something that is not detected as an installed application, it will not be necessary to write ?? to search for the term.

Via | The Verge


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