Microsoft Flight Simulator updates its roadmap and dates its next updates


His seventh World Update is just around the corner, and it seems it will take us to Australia.

If someone thought that 2022 was going to see a relaxation in terms of updates for Microsoft Flight Simulator, they could not be more wrong. The flight simulator wants to be a reference for many years for fans of this type of proposal, and for this it has a calendar of news ahead for these first months of the year, including downloads with a launch date.

Asobo Studio has shared through its channels the update roadmap for the first months of the new year. As soon as we start, on January 31 we will receive the seventh world update (the World Update) of the Microsoft video game, dedicated to Australia according to Flight Simulator Blog. The commercial trimotor will also arrive on that date. Fokker F.VII, as part of the second installment in the Local Legends series aimed at celebrating the history of aviation.

The eighth patch for Microsoft Flight Simulator is set for February 22nd, while another World and Local Legend update will be released at the end of March. In the message on Twitter that accompanies the news you can read all the details.

This course will be two years from the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC through the Microsoft store, Steam and, of course, Xbox Game Pass. Since then the team in charge has been working to improve the gaming experience both in terms of optimization and the inclusion of more and better content. In addition, in mid-2021 the flight simulator landed on Xbox Series X | S.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

You can read more about the production by consulting the analysis of Microsoft Flight Simulator for its premiere on consoles: “traveling around the world thanks to Azure technology would have sounded impossible a few years ago. Today we have it on a console.”

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