Mike Tyson told why he bought his mythical Bengal tigers and how he went to get them

Tyson agreed to purchase three puppies while in jail (Shutterstock)
Tyson agreed to purchase three puppies while in jail (Shutterstock)

Mike Tyson it keeps giving something to talk about. In a new episode of his podcast, the former heavyweight champion of the world again referred to his pets of the past, the Bengal tigers and surprised to reveal that he got them almost by chance when he was behind bars.

“I guess it was all due to my insecurities. I wanted something so fierce to love me ”, he commented when referring to the reason why he chose that kind of animal: “If you look at him and he sees that you like to act weird, he will kill you. He doesn’t want you, he just wants to be alone. And I want that to love me. Exactly one hundred percent. “

The former boxer was in prison after being convicted of sexual abuse against an 18-year-old girl whom he had met in a beauty pageant: “This is how it happened, I was in jail and I was talking to one of my friends whom I bought him exotic cars. He was saying that a friend of his owed him money. And he said, ‘If you don’t pay me money, I’ll take some of these cars and trade them for some animals.’ I said, ‘What kind of animals?’ He said, ‘Horses and stuff. ‘Mike, they also have some nice tigers and lions. If you had one of those, it would be great. ‘

It is worth remembering that In the early 90’s, Tyson was one of the most famous and controversial people in the world, so adding two wild cats to his chaotic life did not seem like a good idea. But he didn’t hesitate: “I said, ‘Yes, that would be true. Why don’t you ask me for a pair? I’ll be out in a couple of months. So when I left I came home and I had two puppies. “

Mike Tyson had Kenya for 16 years (Shutterstock)
Mike Tyson had Kenya for 16 years (Shutterstock)

Iron Mike He thus acquired three Bengal tigers: Kenya, Storm and Boris, in a display of waste and unconsciousness typical of his life at that time.

The story did not end in the best way. Even in 2019 during an interview he gave to the GQ Magazine, He recounted the problem he had with Kenya: “He had great affection for her. I took care of her, I slept with her, I had her in my room. I had her close to 16 yearsbut she got too old and I had to get rid of her when her eyes and head got worse. Tore off a person’s arm”, He sentenced Tyson.

Last year, in a chat via Instagram with the American rapper Fat Joe, gave more details: “Someone jumped over the fence right where the tiger was and started playing with him. The animal did not know this woman and an ugly accident occurred”. Big Mike admitted that he paid a significant sum to the victim as a result of what his “pet” did to him: “When I saw what the tiger did to his hand, I had a lot of money at that time, then I gave her 250 thousand dollars because she was screwed”.

After that episode, Tyson got rid of the last of his tigers and eventually realized that it was a mistake to have them: “I was very dumb back then. There is no way to tame these felines one hundred percent, there is no way that can happen. They kill you by accident, it is not that they try to do it, they do it by accident “, and continued:” They are too strong, especially when you play rough with them. You hit them and suddenly they hit you, and you’re dead ”.


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