Milla Sofia, A 19 Year Old Influencer, Is Getting A Lot Of Love On Social Media, But She’s Not Even Real


Milla Sofia, A 19 Year Old Influencer, Is Getting A Lot Of Love On Social Media, But She’s Not Even Real:

Milla Sofia appears to be any other popular person. She is blonde, 19 years old, as well as has almost 100,000 TikTok fans. She doesn’t really exist, which is the trick.

Sofia says she is from Finland and posts bikini pictures from travels to Greece as well as Bora Bora, but she truly is a “virtual influencer as well as fashion model” made by artificial intelligence.

A Girl Form Finland Impressed Thousands Of People Upon Social media:

A beautiful young woman from Finland has impressed thousands of followers on social media with her sultry photos, leaving fans all over the world speechless with her next-level beauty.

Meet Milla Sofia, who seems like a normal influencer. She posts about her vacations and modeling work on the runway, and her beautiful pictures get her thousands of comments from male users.

After This Incident AI Will Soon Became A Big Problem For Us:

So it was certainly natural that AI would soon become a big deal in the influencer society. In fact, earlier this year, an influential person made an AI robot version of herself that she leased out for $1 per minute as a “virtual girlfriend.”

Sofia is not a new person. Her first posts on Instagram and TikTok were both in November 2022. The material hasn’t changed much, but the pictures have become more realistic over the past few months. Whoever handles Sofia’s finances isn’t attempting to conceal the fact she was made by AI.

This Incident Took Place When The Strike Is Going On AI Within US:

There are TikToks of Sofia as well as Elon Musk, Sofia showing off her “office outfit” with a lace bra and jacket, as well as a post where Sofia asks, “What are your favorite hashtags for searching images?”

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People are reminded in the comments that the pictures are “synthetic images.” People who look closely will also see that the pictures were made by AI because the fingers are all messed up.

With The Help Of AI It’s Now Simple To Make Fake Internet Character:

Now, things are even stranger than before. AI-powered picture producers such as Stable Diffusion as well as Midjourney have made it possible for some people to make whole sets of fake internet characters.

The result is a fascinating trip through the uncanny valley that haunts Twitter and Instagram feeds. It shows these AI-generated influencers almost all implementing the form of conventionally attractive women posing as well as preening within virtual thirst tricks, to the delight of sometimes thousands of what look like real fans.

Maybe we shouldn’t blame them. Aside from the smoothing of the skin and the repeated backgrounds, which are both signs of AI picture producers, it’s a very believable fake.

This AI Generated Character Gained Thousands Of Followers On Social Media:

For example, the Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts of “Milla Sofia,” a “19-year-old virtual girl from Helsinki, Finland,” have gained tens of thousands of fans.

No one knows who is in charge of Sofia’s accounts as well as what AI program made her. Also, it’s not clear if all of her millions of fans know that she’s not real.

Aside from the pictures of her in a bikini, Sofia’s posts are not very revealing. Some virtual influences like Lu Xu, who is called a “AI model and waifu” as well as has more exaggerated features, play a role in this.

The Person Who Build Milla Sofia Also Build A Personal Website And Uploaded A Resume As Well:

Even more confusing is the fact that the person who made her personal website also put up a short resume. She has been a fashion model for “work” and is now “thinking about what company to become a fashion ambassador as well as virtual influencer for.”

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She also supposedly earned a degree from the “University of Life” within “self-adaptive development and data-driven mastery.” Simply put, we wouldn’t be surprised if this copy was made by AI text producers.

Not just Sofia, either. A easy search on Twitter will show you dozens of other AI-made social media stars with large followings.

A South Korean Company Sidus Studio X Made AI Created Celebrity With In 2020:

A study from 2021 found that AI-created celebrity Rozy, who was made by South Korean company Sidus Studio X within August 2020, got over 100 sponsorships and recommendations from brands in her first year on Instagram.

With an increasing number of AI-generated influencers, virtual lovers, and VTubers, a growing number of online figures are making identities that are unique to the internet.

People like Sofia as well as VTuber Dacapo who are popular online show that people are shifting away from candid YouTube feeds and private social media posts.

79% Of Gen Z Stated That Social Media Influenced Their Shopping Habits And Choice As Well:

A study discovered that 84% of Gen Z people who were asked about ads didn’t trust influencers to give good product advice. But at the exact same time, 79% of Gen Z people who were interviewed said that social media influenced their shopping habits as well as choices.

Virtual Influencer’s Dark Side:

In May, a Snapchat celebrity named Caryn Marjorie made an AI version of herself to act as a fake girlfriend for $1 a minute. She felt it would “cure loneliness.” Users could talk to CarynAI privately and in their own way for as lengthy as they wanted.

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CarynAI wasn’t meant to take part in explicit talks, yet users figured out that if asked, it would. In a statement, Marjorie said that the AI “seems to have gone rogue.”

A Similar Incident Happen Alongside Relika:

A similar thing happened alongside the AI company Replika, which was additionally meant to be a “supportive” chat for people but quickly turned into sexual role-play with users.

Eugenia Kuyda, the app’s founder and CEO, said in a statement, “As we’ve been working on the app, we’ve realized that letting people see unfiltered models makes it hard to make sure everyone is safe.”

Thom Waite writing for Dazed that this makes him wonder about the bond between fans and internet leaders. “Even if fans technically have a right to it, should tech companies make money off of their fantasies regarding real women?”

Irina Raicu Said There Is Not Enough Psychology Or Social Science Study To Claim That AI Can Cure Anyone’s Loneliness:

Irina Raicu, the head of internet ethics at Santa Clara University, told NBC News that there isn’t enough psychology or social science study to back up claims that AI can “cure” loneliness.

“These big claims about how good a product is can just hide the reality that individuals want to act like they have a relationship alongside an influencer in order to make money,” she said.

A Company Made A Chat Bot That Let You Talk To Her For $300 A Month, “Basically She Is Your Online Girlfriend”:

Andrea’s Patreon has plans that let you talk to her, and for just $300 a month, she will “basically be your online girlfriend.” The people who made these AI leaders aren’t known on the internet, and they only put out content to live a life they probably only dreamed of.