Million Dollar Homes and a Famous Crash Curve: What Tiger Woods Crashed Like

Tiger Woods' car in the area where he had the traffic accident (Photo: REUTERS)
Tiger Woods’ car in the area where he had the traffic accident (Photo: REUTERS)

At first glance, that stretch of the avenue Hawthorne Boulevard It doesn’t seem like a dangerous area. Even while walking you can see several elegant houses, some of them valued at USD 1 million. This four-lane street is a main artery that crosses a mountainous peninsula known for its panoramic views and cliffs. A beautiful place that became hell for the golfer Tiger Woods, who was seriously injured after a car accident.

According to account The Washington Post, this community has plentiful horse riding trails, a botanical garden, and multiple golf courses. There are many welcome signs and it is normal for Wild peacocks roam the streets lateral, where the best valued residences are located.

However, the sector in which Woods had the accident is a collision-prone area. Carlos Gonzalez, Deputy Sheriff and first officer to arrive at the scene after a call from a neighbor who heard the impact, commented that there is a steep downhill and an “S” curve from Hawthorne Boulevard which are dangerous, as motorists often inadvertently exceeding the speed limit. Precisely a neighbor of those luxurious homes, who has his view elevated over the place where the golfer’s car ended up overturned, heard the noise and called the police.

“That specific stretch of road is one of our trouble spots. The locals in Rancho Palos Verdes Y Rolling Hills Estates you know it’s a common high-speed crash zone … I have seen many collisions. The fact that he was wearing a seatbelt, I would say it saved his life, “he explained. González a The Washignton Post.

The vehicle after the police inspection was towed away (Photo: EFE)
The vehicle after the police inspection was towed away (Photo: EFE)

This officer also confessed that your department regularly patrols that stretch of road to control speeding, and that violators who are going to almost 130 km / h, almost twice the speed limit.

Laureen Swing, resident of Rancho Palos Verdes since 15 years, commented in dialogue with Los Angeles Times which is a complicated area: “There are accidents all the time… I think it is a dangerous stretch of road, I always stay in the right lane because I am afraid that people want to go fast. Sometimes they don’t use turn signals when changing lanes. It is quite dangerous. “

Another resident of the area – who preferred anonymity – consulted by the aforementioned media, said that this section is a “Speed ​​trap”. “You don’t know how fast you can go down. I’ve been fined without even speeding up, just using hill momentum. If you are not familiar with this area, it is very easy to go fast, ”he added.

* The road where Woods crashed past the intersection of Hawthorne Boulevard and Blackhorse Road

This stretch of Hawthorne Boulevard, that goes from Blackhorse Road until Palos Verdes Drive, was locked up Tuesday afternoon as officers investigated the scene and prepared to remove the car SUV Genesis GV80 of Tiger Woods, which was reportedly not weather-conditioned or had mechanical problems.

The golfer from 45 years, winner of 15 majors, was traveling in the north lane at the time of the accident, heading down that elevated area. According to local media reconstruction, he abandoned his course, collided with a welcome-to-place sign located in the middle of the road, crossed into the south sector lanes, jumped a sidewalk and entered a nearby field where his vehicle finally stopped after Crash into a tree. Sheriff Alex Villanueva, on a date from Los Angeles Times, he noted that Woods was traveling to “A relatively higher speed than normal” on the descent down that hill and insisted that the place has a “high frequency of accidents.”

This is how Woods' vehicle was (Photo: AFP)
This is how Woods’ vehicle was (Photo: AFP)

He had to be rushed to the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, where he underwent lengthy surgery for his injuries to the foot, ankle, tibia, and fibula of your right leg. Is currently “Awake, receptive and recovering in his hospital room”, as communicated on their social networks.

The welcome sign to the crash site (Photo: Reuters)
The welcome sign to the crash site (Photo: Reuters)


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