Min Min amiibo release date, but Minecraft fans will have to wait


Following these releases, we look forward to updates on the Sephiroth, Pyra & Mythra, Kazuya, and Sora amiibo.

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Although the content of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has come to an end with the arrival of Sora, fans of the title and collectors of amiibo They still have a lot to look forward to, as there are still the last fighters in the format of this collectible figure that has gained popularity over the years. My mythe next lucky one, will receive her amiibo next April 29and Nintendo has let us see a little about her on social networks.

Min Min amiibo will arrive on April 29Min Min was chosen to represent ARMS in the Nintendo crossover. This girl opened the second season pass of Smash Ultimate in 2020 and, although she does not have the reputation or longevity of other fighters like Mario or Link, ARMS did have good receptionhaving an extremely successful launch especially in Japan, where it surpassed games like Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V.

On the other hand, and in not so happy news, the amiibo of the Minecraft characters, Steve and Alex, will suffer a delay. Previously, the Super Smash Bros. Steve and Alex amiibo had been announced for release in spring 2022. However, due to a logistical and production issue, they have unfortunately had to be pushed back to a limited time. later date of 2022″, Explain Nintendo on social networks.

While we wait for the next Smash game, which is set to take quite some time, we are still missing a few amiibo from the latest characters that came to Ultimate, because after Steve and Alex, we will have news about the Sephiroth, Pyra & Mythra, Kazuya and Sora amiibo.

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