Mini Toji Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Mini Toji Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

One of the anime seasons that fans worldwide look for is Mini Toji Season 2. The comic anime series Mini Toji, which is based across the Toji no Miko concept, features characters from the anime series and a mobile game called Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi.

The programme aired in January and March 2019. It was produced by Project No. 9, directed by Yuu Nobuta, with music by Aoi Akashiro and character designs by Hiromi Ogata. The series was made accessible by Crunchyroll under the name Katana Maidens: Mini Toji.

The manga adaption by Sakae Saito premiered as a serial on October 26 in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shonen Ace’s December 2017 issue.

An announcement made in February 2019 said that the manga’s conclusion will take place on March 26, 2019.

Mini Toji, a new anime television programme that included scaled-down representations of the show’s characters and the smartphone game Toji no Miko: Kizamishi Issen ni Tomoshibi, aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS from January 12 to March 16, 2019.

The animation for the programme was produced by Project No. 9 under the direction of Yuu Nobuta. The character designs were developed by Hiromi Ogata, while Aoi Akashiro penned the script. The main cast members’ roles were played again.

Kaede Hondo and Himika Akaneya created the theme song under the pen name “Kono Bangumi wa Ura Wakaki Kun-Tachi no Teiky de Okuri Itashimasu” for the characters. The series consisted of 11 episodes.

In his assessment, Martin graded the whole series of anime a B. Even if the narrative has numerous shortcomings, it does at least come to a satisfying conclusion, offering those who were unsatisfied with the beginning but steadfast in their resolve to see it through anything to look forward to.

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Since they saw the first season of this anime series, viewers have been anticipating Katana Maidens: Toji No Miko Season 2. With its excellent action scenes, it was able to capture viewers’ interest throughout its initial run.

Even the manga series’ followers were pleased with the adaptation. Everyone is now pressing for the anime’s sequel as a consequence. When would the anime air again? Here is all the information you require:

A Japanese action magic anime called Katana Maidens: Toji No Miko may be found online. It is an adaptation to the same-named manga and a part of a multimedia series.

The series was co-produced by Genko and Crunchyroll, and Studio Gokumi animated the first episode.

It debuted on January 5, 2018, as an anime. Before coming to an end on June 22 of the previous year, it had a total of 24 episodes.

Mini Toji Season 2 Release date

As was previously said, Mini Toji season 2 must depend on Toji no Miko season 2. The series is often featured on television and the internet. Last year, a few OVA episodes have been submitted accessible.

However, there is presently no official announcement on the anime’s future, including whether it will be cancelled or renewed.

There were, however, some reports that Project No. 9 might produce the forthcoming season rather than Genco.

With each of the new projects we announced for the year, the studio is quite busy. I honestly doubt that the work will be completed this year given the demanding schedule.

The wait for Mini Toji Season 2 must thus be over a year. If I had to guess, the anime will probably premiere in the second part of 2023. As soon we can get new information, we’ll let you know when the album will be released.

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Mini Toji Season 2 Cast

  • Kaede Hondo (Japanese) and Sarah Wiedenheft (English) as Kanami Eto
  • Saori Onishi (Japanese) and Jeannie Tirado (English) as Hiyori Jujo
  • Azumi Waki (Japanese) and Bryn Apprill (English) as Mai Yanase
  • Hina Kino (Japanese) and Apphia Yu (English) as Sayaka Itomi
  • Risae Matsuda (Japanese) and Lara Woodhull (English) as Kaoru Mashiko
  • Eri Suzuki (Japanese) and Alexis Tipton (English) as Ellen Kohagura

Mini Toji Season 2 Trailer

Mini Toji Season 2 Plot

The story centres on a group of sword-wielding temple maidens called Toji who work together in a police force to exorcise mysterious, hostile entities known only as aradama while attending school and perfecting their eradication skills.

The Toji girls are allowed to wear swords and occupy public office, and five institutions have been established created around the country for them to attend.

The girls continue about their usual school lives in between completing their responsibilities, utilising their weapons, and using their various powers to protect and fight for the public. The top Toji from five schools compete in the spring.

When the tournament abruptly ends early in the series, tensions between different Toji and Aradama factions escalate. Its mysterious beginnings, which may be traced to the end of World War II, are beginning to light.

Unlike Toji no Miko, which was brimming with action and excitement, Mini Toji was a cheerful and humorous look at their everyday life.

Although new characters may be created that will bring the humour back, the future season of Mini Toji will also be “not much linked” to Toji no Miko’s Mini Toji.

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In the universe of Katana Maidens: Toji No Miko, a select set of shrines known as Toji defended the globe against nefarious creatures called Aratama who sought to exterminate mankind.

These warriors are now members of the elite law enforcement in the present day, but their duties are still the same.

In order for the females to learn swordplay and aid their fellow Toji in defending the globe, the local authorities also set up some schools.

One of the pupils, Kanami Etou, represented Minoseki Academy in an sword-fighting contest and met the enigmatic Hiyoru Juujou.

Both of them win the challenge, but then something unexpected occurs that destabilises the Toji universe.

The drama is set in a mythical universe where powerful shrine maidens called Toji have for generations guarded the Earth from enigmatic, terrible beings known as the Aratama who are intent on eradicating mankind.

These shrine maidens are still around today to combat the Aratama, and the government has arranged into a special police force to help them in their struggle.

The government has also established five elite schools where young ladies may get combat training in order to develop the essential abilities to become Toji.

The programme centres on an up-and-coming Toji called Kanami Etou who attends the Minoseki Academy against this setting.

However, when Kanami is selected to represent the school in a sword-fighting competition, her life takes a surprise turn.

At the competition, Kanami meets the enigmatic Hiyori Juujou, and the two advance to the championship round.

A sudden incident now throws the world in the Toji into upheaval, and Kanami and Hiyori must work together to get things back to normal while coping with the possibility of treachery.