Miracle happened: 4-year-old Mohammed, buried in debris for 20 hours, cried happily upon seeing him alive


Maharashtra Building Collapse: As many as 13 people have died due to the collapse of a five-storey building in Raigad, Maharashtra, while many more are expected to be stranded. Meanwhile, an incident has surprised people. A four-year-old boy, whose name is Mohammed, is found alive in the rubble after being buried in the rubble for nearly 20 hours. Viewers consider it to be a miracle. Also Read – PM Cares Fund brought ‘Supreme Decision’ – refusal to direct money transfer to NDRF

Please tell that 13 people have died so far due to the fall of a five-storey building in Raigad, Maharashtra. At the same time, the search for the living people is going on by removing the debris of the building. Also Read – Bihar Flood: Flood affected life in Bihar, condition worsened in these districts

The NDRF team was draining one body after another from the building debris, and the relief of the four-year-old was found alive and after nearly 20 hours of hard work, the NDRF on Tuesday recovered four years of innocent Was evacuated amidst thunder and applause. The name of this child is Mohammad Bandgi. Also Read – Bihar Flood: NDRF teams dealing with floods in Bihar, more than 11 thousand people have been saved till date

When the teams of NDRF, SDRF, Raigad Police and Mahad Fire Brigade saw a small leg between the two broken pillars, the team of NDRF pulled him out and the sound of his cry came. Then the team felt that he was alive. After knowing this, a crowd of people started. Slogans of Ganpati Bappa Morya started.

“The Miracle Boy” has been saved alive, he is the child of God, “said Satya Narayan Pradhan, Director General of NDRF, after the safe rescue of Mohammed.

Mohammed’s father, mother Nausheen, sisters Ayesha, 7, and Rukaiya, 2, died in the rubble, although details of other family members are not available.

When the large crowd gathered around got the first glimpse of the child, when the jawans took him out in his arms, the thunderous applause welcomed the children and the team.

Tears of happiness started flowing from the eyes of some of the people present and others shouted ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’. Right now people of both religions are celebrating Ganeshotsav and Muharram in the state and everyone says that it is a child of God.

Many people thanked Lord Ganesha for the ‘Vighnaharta’ (Prevention of Obstacles). This four year old little boy spent 18 hours in the dark amidst the rubble.

Suresh Bhaskaran, a Mumbai resident who saw the operation on TV, said with moist eyes that he “felt very relieved and happy” and also remembered the operation in July 2006 when a little boy Prince was taken from a dry borewell in Haryana Was saved

Mohammad is taken to the hospital. He has suffered some minor injuries. He has been given light food and liquid in the hospital.


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