Miranda Lambert Laughs At The Shirt That Says “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies”


Miranda Lambert Laughs At The Shirt That Says “Shoot Tequila, Not Selfies”:

Miranda Lambert recently talked to a concertgoer in a much less serious way. According to a video that was posted upon social media, the country artist made an audience member with a printed t-shirt laugh at one of her recent shows.

“Shoot tequila, not selfies” says her shirt. At her “Miranda Lambert Velvet Rodeo The Las Vegas Residency” event at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Lambert told the crowd what she had to say.

Miranda Lambert’s latest photo situation at a show is getting more information. The country music star saw Adela Calin and her friends taking a picture and called them out from the stage of her Las Vegas show.

Some people online questioned if it was okay for an artist to tell followers not to snap photos, but now a person who knows the country singer has set the record straight.

The Problem Is Not That They Are Snapping Pictures But They Are Using Flash While Tin Man Song Playing:

The person told Access Hollywood that the problem wasn’t that they were snapping pictures, however they were using flash throughout a touching moment of her song “Tin Man.”

During that portion of the collection, Miranda was on stage by herself playing acoustic music while a spotlight was on her. Adela Calin, the fan Miranda called out, told NBC News that she was “appalled” by what happened. This was days after the story went public on social media.

The Conversation Was Captured On TikTok Video:

The conversation was caught on a now-viral TikTok video, and Calin explained what happened in a phone chat with the source this week. She said that she and her group spent “30 seconds at most” to record their night out.

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“We quickly took the picture as well as decided to sit back down,” she said. Miranda, however, saw the women and stopped singing “Tin Man” to tell them she didn’t like what they were doing from the stage.

Miranda said in the video, “I’m going to pause right here for a second.” Then she turned to look at Calin and her friends. “These girls are too busy taking selfies to listen to the song, which makes me a little bit mad.”

“Sorry, I don’t like it,” she said. At all. Tonight, we’re here to listen to some country music. I’m singing country songs, damn it.”

Over 1 Million People Watched The TikTok Video:

Over 1 million individuals have watched the TikTok film of the event. Miranda’s Velvet Rodeo engagement, which will last until 2023, began on July 7 at the Planet Hollywood casino in Las Vegas.

Lambert is not the sole singer who has recently made fun of how people act at concerts. This month, a fan took a video of British soul-pop star Adele talking about the current trend of people throwing things at performers onstage.

“Have you noticed that people are forgetting about show politeness right now and throwing things onstage? Have you seen it?” Adele later joked, “I dare you, I dare you to shoot something at me.” Big names are also speaking out about Lambert’s views.

Whoopi Goldberg Spoke Out Regarding This Incident:

Whoopi Goldberg spoke out about Miranda Lambert’s choice to tell fans not to take pictures of themselves at her show. She also took a picture of herself in the crowd.

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Goldberg’s opinion upon the matter was apparent from the start, as she rolled her eyes while saying on Thursday’s show of “The View” that “people online are split regarding this,” referring to Lambert scolding concertgoers.

Goldberg Said If They Purchased Tickets, They’d Travel To See Her:

“If they bought tickets, they come to witness her,” Goldberg said. He also said that people ought to have “at least a little care” for the singer while she is performing.

After Lambert told the crowd what she thought, some fans might have heard leaving the show on a TikTok video that additionally caught the moment. “Let’s go; you don’t do that to your fans,” someone said as they got up from their place.

In an interview a few days after the event, one of the women within the group stated she was “appalled” through what happened. Adela Calin, who has a lot of followers on social media, said, “It was at most 30 seconds.” “We quickly took the picture as well as were going to settle back down.”