Mission Impossible 7 Box Office In India Tom Cruise Joins The Rs 100 Crore Club


Mission Impossible 7 Box Office In India Tom Cruise Joins The Rs 100 Crore Club:

Mission Impossible 7, starring Tom Cruise, was a huge flop at the box office around the world. However, India was one of the few places where the movie broke records for the series.

Mission Impossible 7 Is The First Movie Which Made More Than RS 100 Crore Within India:

On Sunday, MI 7 was the initial Mission Impossible movie to make more than Rs 100 crore in India. It is also the first movie starring Tom Cruise to make more than Rs 100 crore at the Indian Box Office.

Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning the initial installment from Paramount is having a problem that might make it hard for even the Impossible Mission Force to make money, at least in the United States.

Tom Cruise as well as Christopher McQuarrie’s much-hyped action movie hit theaters after a big marketing campaign, great reviews from reviewers, a lot of positive word-of-mouth, and crowd scores that were through the roof. And it will almost certainly lose money.

Mission Impossible 7 Ate Up All Of Expensive Large Format Screen At IMAX:

The once-in-a-lifetime pairing of Barbie and Oppenheimer happened a week after Mission came out. Mission ate up all of the expensive large format screens at IMAX and squashed Barbie and Oppenheimer like bugs.

Both of those movies have already made more money than Mission did. In the case of Oppenheimer, it is mind-blowing that a three-hour dramatic character study can do that to one of the best action movies of the last ten years.

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For Paramount It’s Shame To See A Great Movie Fail At The Box Office:

It’s a terrible shame to see a great movie fail at the box office. This is Paramount’s second bomb of the year, after Dungeons as well as Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which was also a great movie that no one saw.

Almost never before has a plan failed so badly. The expected overall domestic gross is now $139.23 million after a third weekend gross of $10.73 million from 3,191 sites. This is terrible for a movie that cost $290 million to make.

Movie Bring The Total $448 Million Worldwide:

The movie is going to keep to make money overseas, where it has already made about $40 million, bringing the total to around $448 million worldwide.

However, with more movies coming out in the next few weeks, it seems unlikely that the movie will even reach the $800 million it would need to make a profit.

Mission Impossible 7 Is The Second Movie From Hollywood Which Joined The 100 Crore Club:

Mission Impossible 7 is the second movie from Hollywood to join the 100 Crore Club. The movie did well when it came out on July 12, and it has continued to do well since then, even though Oppenheimer, Barbie, as well as Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani are also out.

In India, it took Mission: Impossible 7 19 days to make a hundred, and it looks like it will end up making around Rs 106 crore. The movie is a big hit in India, but it hasn’t made as much money as Vin Diesel’s Fast X, which made Rs 109 crore.

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Mission Impossible 7 Made 43% More Compared To Mission Impossible: Fall Out:

In the Mission Impossible series, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1 has made about 43 percent more money than Mission Impossible: Fall Out, which was the series’ previous best at Rs 80 crore. It’s the second Hollywood movie to make 100 crore in India within 2023, after Fast X.

Multiplexes were the main source of money for MI, and if Oppenheimer and Barbie hadn’t come out in the second week, the movie would have made at least 20% more money. Not only did the two movies take up the same stages, but the crowd also saw both of them at the same time.

In India Movie Made Approximately Rs 125 Crore Within Ticket Sales:

In India as a whole, the movie will make about Rs 125 crore, or $15.19 million, in ticket sales. Outside of the MI series, Tom Cruise’s biggest earner was Top Gun: Maverick, which made Rs 35 crore NBOC.

Next year, Cruise and McQuarrie will also make Dead Reckoning Part Two. At least 40% of that movie has already been shot, and Tom Cruise as well as a World War II airplane are in a big scene in the third act.

The expense of making that movie shouldn’t be as high as it was in Part One, in part because COVID limits have been lifted. The current strikes may slow shooting, which could be a problem, yet the box office for Part One was an outlier and should be treated as such.

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What Is The Budget For Movie?

Cruise’s movie, which cost $290 million to make, has made $376.26 million at the box office so far. But the cracks were already showing before the two big players came out.

After a press tour around the world through star Tom Cruise, “Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One” opened with a franchise-best $80 million over five days. However, it only made $56.2 million over the three-day weekend, which was less than what the industry had expected.

McQuarrie’s Expensive Submarine Scene Increased Skydance Media’s Co-Financing Budget:

By putting in the very expensive submarine scene, Cruise as well as McQuarrie caused the budget to go over the cap that Skydance Media had set for co-financing.

At $240 million, the company quit co-financing the production, so Paramount had to pay for everything on its own. Once again, the end cost was close to $300 million.