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“Mission Impossible” workers accuse Tom Cruise of being a real nightmare

“Mission Impossible” workers accuse Tom Cruise of being a real nightmare (Reuters)

Last December an explosive audio recorded during one of the days of filming of Mission impossible 7, in the United Kingdom, in which the American actor could be heard Tom Cruise, 58 years old, recriminating in very harsh terms several team members for not respecting the rules of social distancing and also threatening to fire them if they committed another offense.

Apparently nothing changed on set. Mission Impossible is about to live up to its name. People who work on the seventh and final installment of the franchise complain that Cruise continues to be a “nightmare” for the entire team.

He’s completely obsessed with finishing the movie, and nothing will stop him”, Indicated an informant to The Sun. “He is the most determined person, he is impressive, but a nightmare.”

The aforementioned media also reported that the famous actor has spent millions of dollars to ensure that production continues despite the current health crisis. They assure that hired two state-of-the-art robots to patrol the set with the sole objective of ensuring that no one bypasses security protocols.

“Tom Cruise is so serious about making sure filming is not interrupted that he has put these robots in, as he can’t be everywhere to make sure people behave“A source from the production told the newspaper.

However, a new source has now claimed that the movie star has yet to go to those extremes. What it has done is resort to robotic arms to test for coronavirus among all workers.

Production had to move for a time from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates, a fact that has the entire team in great distress because direct flights between the Middle East and the United Kingdom are so far prohibited.

The megastar recently erupted in fury at two staff members for disobeying anticovid security protocols. “If I see you do it again, you’ll be gone! And if someone from this group does it, that’s it, and so do you and so do you! And you, never do it again! ”, The actor from Top Gun scream into the leaked audio.

Tom Cruise: “If I see them do it again, they are screwed and fired”

The actor has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to enforce the strict social distancing rules that he imposed to avoid contagion during filming. And he was enraged after seeing two team members standing very close to each other.

“Films are being made thanks to us. If we suspend, it will cost people their fucking jobs, their home, their familyCruise says in the recording that was given to the British tabloid by someone from the production.

After the viralization of the audio that went around the world, everything got worse on the filming set, and several members of the filming team left. British media assure that the work environment is increasingly difficult due to the demands of the actor.


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