Mister Thoughts: 9 Things We Know About The Shazam Villain


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Mister Mind in Shazam

Whereas the way forward for the bigger DC Prolonged Universe has quite a lot of massive query marks, one beacon shining vibrant proper now within the franchise is Shazam! Whereas the 2019 solo movie didn’t precisely grow to be a field workplace phenomenon like Marvel Girl or Aquaman, it’s positively among the finest superhero origin motion pictures in recent times, and it has followers excited for what’s to come back from Shazam! 2 – which is at the moment scheduled for launch in November 2022. That in thoughts, now might be a very good time to get used to the title Mister Thoughts, because it seems to be just like the character is being arrange as a main antagonist within the sequel.

First launched again in 1943, Mister Thoughts has an impressively lengthy historical past in comics, however the overwhelming majority of movie-goers most likely aren’t aware of him. That’s an issue that we purpose to repair with this function, as we’ll spotlight the important thing issues that you need to find out about his background earlier than Shazam! 2 kicks into excessive gear:

Mister Mind practices a spell

Mister Thoughts Is A Venusian Worm

Together with his slithering physique, vibrant coloring, many appendages, and diminutive statute, Mister Thoughts seems to be rather a lot like an overgrown caterpillar – however don’t be mistaken. Within the authentic comics he was launched as an alien who initially traveled to Earth hatching schemes for invasion, however his plans fell aside when Shazam (or Captain Marvel, as he was initially recognized) teleported all the worms into the depths of area. As you may think, this didn’t precisely invite Mister Thoughts to develop constructive emotions in regards to the superhero.

In more moderen comics, nonetheless, Mister Thoughts’s backstory has been modified to have him be from one of many seven realms within the Magiclands. He used e book studying and magic to get his revenge, ultimately feeding his want to manage all the Magiclands.

Mister Mind offspring

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Mister Thoughts Is Always In Search Of A New Host Or A Approach To Clone Himself

Being the one one in all your sort isn’t precisely a pleasure, so one in all Mister Thoughts’s principal motivations is to both clone himself, or create progeny (that are equivalent to him). Although he can reproduce asexually, the method nonetheless requires him to have a number – however the plus for him is that he has a particular trick that’s good for getting folks to bend to his will.

Mister Mind DC Comics

As His Title Implies, Mister Thoughts Has Highly effective Psychic Talents

Save for circumstances the place irony is being employed, writers don’t sometimes give a personality a reputation like “Mister Thoughts” until there’s something notably particular about their mind – and the worm-like DC Comics villain doesn’t disappoint. He’s a strong telepath who has the power to take over the minds of these he targets. Mixed together with his tremendously free morals, he’s a big hazard regardless of his innocent seems to be.

Mister Mind spinning silk

Like A Caterpillar, Mister Thoughts Can Produce A Very Robust Silk

Mister Thoughts positively doesn’t act like a typical caterpillar in most capacities, however the alien does share some traits with the insect. For instance, the supervillain has the power to supply a really robust silk that he can use to entrap his enemies like a spider. Right here’s hoping we truly get to see that occur sooner or later in Shazam! 2.

Mister Mind in Widow md credits Shazam

Mister Thoughts Speaks By means of A Discuss Field

One of many drawbacks of being an alien worm is that Mister Thoughts doesn’t have a standard mouth via which he can converse – however he has that coated because of helpful know-how. From the very starting, the character has at all times talked via a chat field that he retains slung round his “neck” on his “chest.” The result’s that there’s a form of static-y high quality to his “voice,” but it surely offers him a straightforward technique of speaking that doesn’t contain psychological invasion. Talking of his voice…

Mister Mind in Shazam

Mister Thoughts Is Voiced By Director David F. Sandberg In The Shazam! Finish Credit

For those who rigorously watched the whole finish credit of Shazam! looking for out the voice of Mister Thoughts, you walked away disillusioned, because the id of the actor was not revealed within the forged record. That’s as a result of the character isn’t voiced by an “actor” within the conventional sense, however as an alternative by director David F. Sandberg. It’s unknown at this level if he’ll wind up reprising the function in Shazam! 2, or if the challenge will forged any person else, however we hope it winds up being the previous.

Doctor Sivana Shazam

Mister Thoughts Has Been Recognized To Crew Up With Physician Sivana

Going again to the beginning of Mister Thoughts’s existence, Physician Sivana has been a reasonably pivotal participant – proof being that it was truly he who gave the alien worm his moniker. Each of them being psychotic geniuses, their work collectively isn’t with out battle, however having a typical enemy in Shazam helps hold them bonded. Given the aforementioned scene ultimately credit of the 2019 movie, it’s anticipated that we’ll see a live-action crew up of Mister Thoughts and Mark Robust’s Physician Sivana in Shazam! 2.

Mister Mind's Monster Society Of Evil

Mister Thoughts Heads Up A Group Known as The Monster Society Of Evil

Whereas Mister Thoughts’s affiliation particularly with Physician Sivana goes again many years, the cue-ball megalomaniac isn’t the character’s solely relationship. Going again to the mid-1940s, Thoughts introduced collectively 5 different brokers of malice to type the bluntly-named Monster Society Of Evil. Like all supervillain group, the lineup has modified tremendously over time, and it’s not too farfetched to suppose that we could also be just a few years away from seeing the crew introduced into live-action for the primary time.

Hyperfly Mister Mind 52 DC Comics

Mister Thoughts Has A Greater Kind

For those who’ve taken away something from this piece, it ought to be that Mister Thoughts is a formidable risk regardless of his measurement – however the thought we’ll go away you with is that the character’s worm-like type isn’t truly his last stage of organic growth. If allowed to dwell for lengthy sufficient, he ultimately transforms right into a Hyperfly, which is a being not solely large in scale, however has the capability to actually eat area and time. How may that concept being translated in a live-action blockbuster? Hopefully we’ll discover out sooner or later.

Shazam! 2 is at the moment scheduled for launch on November 4, 2022. We right here at CinemaBlend will proceed to trace the challenge’s progress as we get nearer to the manufacturing stage, and will definitely hold you posted concerning updates about Mister Thoughts’s potential expanded function.



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