Mitchel Musso Speaks Out After Being Arrested For Drunk In Public


Mitchel Musso Speaks Out After Being Arrested For Drunk In Public:

On Saturday, “Hannah Montana” star Mitchel Musso was taken into custody in Texas. The Rockwall Police Department says that Musso, who starred Oliver Oken upon the hit show, was arrested there for being drunk in public and stealing.

“There was trouble at a hotel situated on the 2600 block of Lakefront Trail within Rockwall, TX,” the police were told.When police arrived, they talked to the person who had called them.

That person told them that someone who seemed drunk had come into the hotel, picked up a bag of chips, as well as started eating them.

Musso, a musician and actor best known for his role as Oliver Oken upon Hannah Montana, says that neither of these things are true.

Musso said, “I was not at all drunk, and I did not drink, and I did not steal anything.” “It’s too bad; we misunderstood each other.”

SpringHill Suites Heard That A Person Who Walked Into The Hotel Chose A Bag Of Chips And Started Eating Them:

Musso was put into the Rockwall County jail on Saturday night on charges of being drunk in public and stealing an item worth less than $100.

According to a press statement from the Rockwall County Police Department, when officers responded to “a disturbance” at the SpringHill Suites Dallas Rockwall, they were told that a person who “appeared intoxicated” had entered the hotel, picked up a bag of chips, and started eating them.

Musso says that he never unsealed the bag of chips. He says that a hotel worker who was “very angry” and “acting crazy” refused to help him because he was only wearing board shorts.

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Musso Said That He Was The Person Who Was Being Called Names And Bothered:

Musso says, “I didn’t realize it was against the law to not wear a shirt these days.” He explains that he and his friends had just come in from a docked boat upon the bay to get more snacks. He claims that the worker, who was “upset from the start,” took the chips from his hand.

“He urged me to ‘get the f— out,’ which is what he actually said. And that made me angry. And he said, “I’m going to contact the police.” I told him to go ahead.

“I was the person who got verbally assaulted as well as harassed,” Mitchel said. “It’s not very polite for someone to rip something out of their hand in this situation.”

“You Know What?” Asked The Hotel Boss He’s Free To Say What He Wants.” That’s His Story, And That’s All Right”:

The person also talked to the hotel manager, who said that the scenario was “sensitive” as well as said this about Mitchel’s claims: “You know what? He’s free to say anything he wants. That’s what he says, and that’s fine.”

When asked for feedback, a manager at the lodging establishment said that the situation was “sensitive” and didn’t want to talk about it.

When Musso said that an employee had spoken to him badly, the boss replied, “You know what? He’s free to say anything he wants.

It’s fine that that’s his story. Musso says that the first cops who came to help him told him that the hotel wasn’t going to pursue charges.

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When The Police Found Musso Outside The Hotel’s Lobby, They Saw That He Was Drunk:

“And then the troops showed up,” he says. “There were 10 or 11 police cars and 20 officers outside, and that’s when I started to feel scared. According to the news statement, the police found Musso outside the hotel, saw that he was drunk, and arrested him.

A regular check of his records also showed that he had several traffic tickets, so he was also charged with having an outdated registration, not having a driver’s license on him, and breaking a promise to appear.

Musso asserts that the two tickets from 2019 that he didn’t pay were “ultimately why they caught me. He says, “I haven’t lived within Rockwall for years, so I guess they were sending it to my previous residence there.

Musso Was Let Out Of Jail After A Night By Paying A $1,000 Bond:

It turned into an order, which they then used against me. Since then, all of those warrants have been paid for, and the problem is over.”

“The truth’s going to eventually come out,” he says. “I have never stolen anything within my life, and I didn’t steal any chips. I wasn’t drunk or rude to anyone in that hotel, either.”

Musso grew up in Rockwall and was given the key to the city when he was young. He says, “I love that area it’s really, awful that this is what it’s come to.”

Musso spent the night in jail and then paid a $1,000 bond to get out. He says he went back to the studio right away and is working on songs for a new record that “sounds larger than life” as well as has “artists that everyone knows.”

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He also said that he had recently joined the crew of a “incredible” movie, but he couldn’t say more about it yet.