Modern Cricket Bat Weight, Length and Size


What is a cricket bat
A specialised tool used for the cricket sport is generally named a cricket bat. Its use was first mentioned in 1624. Usually made of wood, the cricket bat has two parts. One is the hitting blade and the other is the holding side.

The hitting blade is famously constructed out of white-willow or cricket-willow that is polished with raw linseed oil for the protective covering. The back of the blade has a ridge that concentrates wood in the middle. And it protects the bat from the shock of high-hittings.

On the other side, its handle is made of cane and is usually covered with a gripping rubber. There’s a spring attachment at the point where the handle and the blade meet. Generally, the length of cricket bat is no more than 38 inches and the width is no more than 4.25 inches.

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Maintenance and Size bats
For a long time, there has been a misconception that the size of the bat changes with the league. But, to an extent, the size of the bat doesn’t depend on the league. Instead, it depends on the player’s height and weight. Or more specifically saying, the size of the bat depends on how smoothly you can swing it.

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More often than not, major league players use a bat of 34 inches and 32 ounces. And it is mostly curved at the edges to compensate for the shock of the high-hitting ball. Usually, the taller the player, the longer bat he must use to create a longer reach.

The performance of the bat depends on the type of wood as well. Willow wood is used to construct the hitting side of the bat. There are two types of willow wood. English willow and Kashmir willow. English willow is comparatively lighter in weight and is expensive as well. Professional players use it to get the most of their performance.

Other than that, the weight of the bat does also matter when it comes to the performance of a player. If a bat is heavier than the size of the player, he might not be able to swing it smoothly.

Why cricket bet size doesn’t matter when it comes to modern cricket bats
So recently, there’s this hype about the size of the bat. A mass has started assuming that the bigger the bat, the farther it will hit. And all the buzz and the fancy talk about how modern bats are being carved and weighed. But, does all that matter?

According to professional bat-makers, No! In fact, a professional bat-maker, Chris King of the Gray Nicholls’ said, it’s all in the head. Further, he said and we’re quoting:

“I often joke with people on social media that it’s like saying a Ferrari is fast because it’s red. It completely undermines what the engine is.”

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He further supported his argument with different examples of how two different players used the same bats made by him but scored differently. He said it’s all about the skills you use and the laws of the league. So, until or unless you’re a successful player, they’re no need to worry about the changes in the law of bat making.

In fact, many of the fans started believing that the batters are being given a higher edge than the bowlers with lower boundaries and wider bat edges which is true to an extent. And the sport of cricket is kind of more diverting to the batting side with more hitting power and then more fame to the batter, as you’ve seen in the past years. About this, Chris King jokingly said, maybe it’s the bowlers’ turn next.

Further, according to the laws of cricket, giant bats with a width of 4.25 inches cannot be used in official games. By doing so, they’re putting restriction over all the giant bats situation. And now, the weight of cricket bat needs to be of a specific size to be included in the official game.

Also, with willow trees diminishing on Earth, bamboo can be used as an alternative. Bamboo bats perform 19% better than the willow ones. However, the use of bamboo bats is illegal for now and its use might be discussed in the next Laws sub-committee meeting.