Modi government preparing to give China a big blow on economic front, now this step will be taken

In view of China’s stubborn attitude towards LAC in Ladakh, the Modi government is constantly active to teach it a lesson in the military front as well as in the economic field. Despite agreeing to withdraw the army, China is not ready to back down from its position. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China still holds the forward position at Pangong Tso and Gogra-Hot Springs in Ladakh. In such a situation, the Modi government is planning to take another action against China on the economic front. Also Read – After the fiery speech of PM Narendra Modi, the tone of friendship is changing for China,

According to the news published on the Hindustan Times website, ‘The top China Study Group (CSG) has been quoted by a senior government official who is aware of the matter as the Chinese Army’s action on the ground in Ladakh and its Aksai China region on Monday Discussed the military situation. Explain that CSG is a body which consists of important members of the Central Government. This body sets the direction of the country’s strategy on action with China. Also Read – China’s statement on PM Modi’s speech from Red Fort, said- ready to resolve differences with India in a proper way

According to Hindustan Times website, ‘China wants India to normalize diplomatic relations based on the current situation on the border, while the Modi government believes that anything less than the status quo in the Ladakh region is unacceptable. According to officials, the Indian Army has been asked to remain at forward position with 1597 km LAC in Ladakh. ‘ Also Read – Who will be given the first dose after the creation of COVID Vaccine in the country? Minister of State for Health gave this information …

It is known that the US has taken a jolt to China by taking action to spy on Huawei and its affiliates. In such a situation, it is possible that India will also take big action in the near future. It is already clear that India will keep Chinese communications and power companies out of any future projects.

Let us know that on Monday, the US increased the strictness regarding Huawei. Under this, it has included 38 affiliated units in its monitoring list in 21 countries of the company. Through these steps, America is making sure that the company does not mess with its law in any way.

Huawei is considered the monitoring unit of the Chinese Communist Party. Regarding this, the old Foreign Direct Produced Direct Products (FDP) rules have been amended. This prevents Huawei from acquiring chips manufactured abroad or produced from American software or technology that are similar to American chips. It has put 38 units affiliated with Huawei in 21 countries in the ‘Entity List’. Under this, licenses are required for all commodities which depend on the Export Administration Regulation (EAAR) and the revised four existing Huawei unit list.

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