Modi government will give good news to central employees and pensioners, dearness allowance will increase by 4%, know math

There is great news for the Union employees and pensioners in the new year. They are expected to get dearness allowance by four percent in 2021. Seven percent dearness allowance is being given to employees and pensioners from July 2020 till the present time. However, he is not able to find it now. Now the dearness allowance by the central government is expected to increase by four percent in January 2021, which will benefit about 1.5 crore central employees and pensioners across the country. Various state government employees and pensioners will also get this benefit. Also Read – Now people below this age will not be able to smoke nor consume tobacco products, Central Government is going soon

Explain that the average index of inflation is released every month on behalf of Labor Ministry Shimla by the Ministry of Labor of the Central Government and on the basis of this, inflation of central government employees and pensioners twice a year in January and July Allowance is fixed. This dearness allowance is determined on the basis of the consumer price index for the industrial workers of the last 12 months and is calculated based on the average of the previous 12 months. Also Read – Farmers Protest LIVE Update: Important talks between central government-farmers today, what will be the Annadata

If according to the base year 2001, there was a decrease of eight points in the consumer price index of December 2020, then dearness allowance would be payable by five percent if inflation increased by three percent and by 24 points in the index. However, such decrease or increase is not possible in any one month. Due to this, dearness allowance will be payable only four percent. Also Read – Kisan Andolan Latest Updates: The next meeting of the government and farmers will be held on December 30, the Agriculture Secretary sent the proposal

It has been reported that the index of December 2020 will be released after one month and from September 2020 a new base year of 2016 has been implemented for industrial workers. The dearness allowance is calculated by multiplying by 2.88 multiplied by the index issued on the new basis and converted to the old index. This dearness allowance benefits central government employees and pensioners and employees and pensioners of various states including UP.

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