Monica, A Singer, Says She Jumped Off The Stage To Help A Concertgoer Within Detroit Because Her “Instincts Kicked In”


Monica, A Singer, Says She Jumped Off The Stage To Help A Concertgoer Within Detroit Because Her “Instincts Kicked In”:

After a video of the fight went popular on social media over the weekend, R&B star Monica was praised for helping a fan at the Riverfront Music Festival within Michigan on Saturday.

Within the video, the “Boy Is Mine” singer can be seen jumping off stage after a woman within the crowd at her Detroit show was reportedly attacked by someone.

Monica told Abby Phillip in an interview on Monday that she decided to face the situation because her “instincts kicked inside.” “Wait a minute,” said the singer. The video shows someone saying, “Don’t hit her like that.” Then, it looks like she asks security to get rid of the man.

Monica Said She Does Not Want To See Her Hurt:

On Tuesday, the singer said, “Simply put, I was unwilling to see her hurt or hurt, and I didn’t want her not to make it back home shortly after just coming to the show to see me and Ashanti.”

adding, “You know, these concerts have grown into what almost feels such as a dangerous space and place, and we really want that to change.”

Monica added that she doesn’t feel like a “superhero” for what she did due to “I did what I hope someone would have done if they noticed that happening to my aunt as well as mother.”

She told Phillip that she knew the woman in trouble was “my elder,” and she added, “I was afraid to watch what looked like a situation that could have gotten worse.”

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According To Monica The Concerts Are Getting More And More Worse As Time Goes:

Concerts are getting more and more chaotic as time goes on. The number of artists who have been hurt when audience members throw things at the stage keeps growing.

The fight between two fans at Monica’s concert on Saturday and other recent events involving artists like Miranda Lambert show that performers have begun to become interested when they observe behavior they don’t like.

Monica Added It Makes Us Very Sad That A Violent Took Place On Our Concert:

“It makes us very sad that a violent act took place at an event that was meant to bring our community together and bring people together.

We deeply disagree with any kind of violence, especially against women, so we are working alongside local law enforcement to make sure the person who did it is held responsible.

If Someone Is Coming To Our Concert Then It’s Our Duty To Put Better Security And Health For Fans:

“When people come to our festivals, we always put the health and security of our audience, artists, as well as staff first.” We’d also like to thank everyone who came to this event for being patient and understanding. Macdonald said, “Your cheers for Monica really show the enthusiasm of our community as well as the music we love.”

She said that her “instincts kicked in” and that she just did what came naturally. “I don’t feel like a superhero in any way,” she said. But I did exactly what I would want someone to do if my aunt as well as mother were in that situation. I could tell for sure that she was older.

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I was afraid, too, because it looked like the situation could have gotten worse. I was just trying to calm things down.”

On Friday, there were a lot of videos of a claimed event in which a man hit a woman within the crowd. In the video of the show, Monica suddenly says, “Ah-ah-ah! “Don’t hit her that way!”

She talks to the security team at the venue and asks them to get rid of the man before she keeps singing. Eventually, she jumps into the crowd to talk to the man herself.

Security guards may be heard telling people to “move” as well as “get back” to be Monica walks into the crowd and disappears.

After a while, she comes back and yells, “You don’t hit an f—ing woman like that!” She then goes back on stage and apologizes to the crowd. Check out the video of what happened below.

At the conclusion of Monica’s talk with Phillip, she said something that many concertgoers and artists may be experiencing these days. She said, “These concerts almost feel like dangerous places and spaces.” “I really just want that thing to shift.”