Monsoon session started, PM Modi said- ‘Hopefully all MPs will send a message that the country stands with brave soldiers’

PM Modi on Parliament Monsoon session: Monsoon session of Parliament is starting from today. Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) while talking to journalists said that the monsoon session of Parliament is starting today in a specific environment. Corona is also a duty and all MPs have chosen the path of duties. I greet all the MPs and thank them. The budget session had to be stopped before time. This time also, twice a day, once the Rajya Sabha and once the Lok Sabha, the time also has to change. Saturday and Sunday will not be a holiday either, but all the members have welcomed it and decided to proceed on the duty path. PM Modi said that in this session many important decisions will be made and many topics will be discussed. Also Read – The issue of ‘drugs in the film industry’ raised in the Lok Sabha, BJP MP Ravi Kishan appealed to the Central Government

Prime Minister Modi said that as much discussion is held in the Lok Sabha, the House as well as the country benefits. This time too, all of us MPs will contribute together in this great tradition. PM Modi said that in the situation which has been made out of corona, we have to follow the vigilance which has been informed about it. The PM said that Yag is also clear that ‘there is no laxity till there is no medicine’

Prime Minister Modi said that this session has a special responsibility when the brave soldiers of our army are standing on the border. With great courage, with courage, with high spirits, they are buried in the inaccessible hills. After some time, the snow year will also be pure. The faith with which he is solidified, he is determined to protect the motherland. All the members of the House will give a message with a voice, with a feeling, with a feeling, with a resolve that the whole country is standing behind the army soldiers. Stands through Parliament and Members of Parliament. The entire house stands behind the brave soldiers of the country with one voice. I believe so.

Prime Minister Modi also appealed to journalists to take care of themselves in this era of Corona. The PM said that I will also urge you that in this era of Corona, you will not get a chance to go as liberated as before, but friends, you must take care of yourself. You will get the news but definitely manage yourself.

Explain that special preparations have been made for the 18-day Parliament session. Many things are happening for the first time in this session, including the meeting of the two houses in the morning and evening shifts and there is not a single holiday in the session. Only those who enter the Parliament complex will be allowed to have a report confirming no Kovid-19 infection (COVID-19) and people will be required to wear masks during this period.

Most of the work will be done digitally
Before the start of the session, more than 4,000 people, including MPs and parliament employees, have been screened for Kovid-19. This time most of the parliamentary work will be done in a digital way and the doors will be made touch-free along with making the entire campus transition-free. This time special meeting arrangements have been made for MPs under the guidelines of social distancing.

Cons’s attitude
Let me tell you that the opposition has already shown its attitude regarding the Parliament session and it is ready to surround the government on many issues including the India-China border dispute, GDP figures, Corona epidemic.

Government’s eye on 23 Bills
The government is eyeing to discuss and pass the 23 Bills. There are 11 such Bills which will replace the Ordinances. Four of these bills can be opposed by opposition parties. These four bills will replace the ordinance related to agriculture sector and banking regulation. Opposition parties have decided to surround the government on important issues such as dealing with the epidemic, the state of the economy and Chinese aggression on the border in Ladakh. The Congress and other opposition parties raised these demands in the first meeting of the Business Advisory Committee headed by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla but no time has been given for these discussions so far.