Mortal Kombat movie aims to push the R rating to the limit, without reaching censorship


Director of Mortal KombatSimon McQuoid has detailed the extent of the brutality in the R-rated reboot of the film series, which will debut in theaters and on HBO Max this coming April 2021.

Speaking to SFX Magazine (via GamesRadar), McQuoid talked about how his upcoming Mortal Kombat movie lives up to its ultraviolent roots to deliver a faithful adaptation that brings the blood and gore heavily associated with the series to the screen. large in a way that exceeds the limits of the MPAA R rating without completely crossing the limits.

“We wanted to bring [la sangre, el gore y las muertes] to the limit”McQuoid explained, speaking about the movie full of deaths. “Obviously, there’s a point where the movie couldn’t be released if you take it too far, and that would be a very reckless ROI for the studio, but from day one it’s been, ‘Okay, we’re doing this. and I’m going to do it correctly. ‘.

According to the MPAA, Mortal Kombat has been rated R by “Strong, bloody violence and language, and some crude references.”. Producer Todd Garner said the film’s R rating had been one of his top priorities from the beginning. In fact, he revealed that he approached it in his first meeting with studio executives, although they quickly assured him that “There would be no other way.”.

McQuoid previously spoke to IGN about the execution of the fight scenes, saying: “We didn’t have to worry about the fights. If there was a fight, someone was hit in the head, blood would probably come out of the back, and we could do that. New Line deserves a lot of credit because they always wanted to do it justice too.”.

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“Warner Bros. will release the new live-action adaptation of Mortal Kombat produced by James Wan in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously on April 16, 2021. The film’s distribution plan was reconsidered due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. -19), which has already affected several studios and their release schedules last year.