MP Assembly By Elections: Uma Bharti prepares to return to Madhya Pradesh politics

Bhopal: Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti’s return to the state’s politics through a by-election to the assembly in Madhya Pradesh
Are starting to develop After a long time, he has increased his activism in the state once again, along with the BJP on the electoral stage
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By-elections are now to be held in 28 assembly constituencies in the state and the BJP is trying to get maximum by-elections in these by-elections.
To win at places and for this, she is working on every strategy. In the same order, BJP has now ex
Chief Minister Uma Bharti has started taking steps towards availing the political status in the state. Also Read – Rahul Gandhi did something to help BJP leader of Kerala, stir in Congress itself

The BJP, led by Uma Bharti, won the assembly elections in 2003 and also became the Chief Minister.
But due to the Hooghly controversy, he had to resign from his post. After that Uma Bharti formed a separate party and her
The distance from the state’s politics increased. Uma Bharti returns to BJP, but her interference with state politics continues
It kept diminishing and the BJP contested the assembly and Lok Sabha elections from Uttar Pradesh and won them.
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Attempts were made to establish Uma Bharti as the leader of Uttar Pradesh from the BJP, but they themselves have the politics of Madhya Pradesh
I have been wanting to be active, but they did not get this opportunity. State assembly elections or Lok Sabha, all
Uma Bharti’s distance from the state was well known. Now new equations are being created in the state politics and these conditions have
The closeness between Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s Uma Bharti has also increased. Signs of this started appearing during the by-election
Huh. Few such occasions have come in the last decade when Chauhan and Uma Bharti shared the stage for campaigning together
They were seen doing it, but now both of them grew closer and in the meeting of Mungavali and Mehgaon, the two leaders started
Highly praised.

Chauhan praised Uma Bharti and said that with self-reliant India, our resolve is that we are self-reliant
Will make Madhya Pradesh. The Sambal Yojana of the state is based on ‘Panch J’ program of former Chief Minister Uma Bharti and self-reliant
Uma Bharti will also prepare the graph of Madhya Pradesh.

Similarly, Uma Bharti also praised Chauhan and said that to make the state self-sufficient, it needs leadership
Be full of confidence. A competent hand is needed to bring the benefits of the Central schemes to the last person of the society.
All these characteristics are present in Shivraj Singh Singh Chauhan and it is his nature to leave no stone unturned in the work of development.
Therefore, to make the state self-reliant and model state, you bless Shivraj in the coming elections.

BJP sources say that Shivraj Singh Chauhan and Uma Bharti are targeted at some national level leaders, hence
The two leaders need each other’s support and support. The new leadership within the party worries these leaders
Has increased and that is why the closeness of Chauhan and Uma Bharti has increased. Till now only Chauhan has Uma Bharti
Were prevented from becoming active in the state. BJP state president B.D. Sharma is very close to Uma Bharti.

Political analyst Shivam Raj Pateria says that there are only two old faces in BJP whose every state
There is acceptance in part and that is Chauhan and Uma Bharti. Like or dislike them but not ignored (Gignor)
Can be done. Among the new options coming out within the party are Jyotiraditya Scindia, Narottam Mishra, Kailash
There are names like Vijayvargiya and Vishnu Dutt Sharma but they are all recognized as regional leaders.

Backward classes can play a big role in voter results in the state by-elections to the assembly, hence Uma Bharti backward
There is a big face of the class, the party wants to take advantage of this, that is why they are being activated in the state. Political
It is also discussed that Uma Bharti can contest the by-election from Bada Malehra Assembly Constituency, because Uma Bharti
Pradyuman Singh Lodhi, close to the BJP, has joined the BJP by resigning from the membership of the Legislative Assembly. Food to perfume
And the status of cabinet minister has been given by making the chairman of the Civil Supplies Corporation. Any party leader on this issue
Not willing to talk