MP By-election: Congress formulated strategy, preparations to surround Jyotiraditya Scindia in Madhya Pradesh

Bhopal: The Congress has started working on a strategy to surround former union minister Jyotiraditya Scindia in the by-election of the assembly in Madhya Pradesh. For this, those close to Rahul Gandhi can be fielded in the election campaign. The assembly by-elections in the state are considered to be the most important for the former Congress leader and currently BJP MP Jyotiradityasindia. This is because when he left the Congress and joined the BJP, Kamal Nath’s government fell and the BJP got a chance to take power again. Also Read – War on Agricultural Bills: Congress said ‘Death Warrant’ for farmers, BJP accused of misleading

Of the 28 assembly seats in the state where the by-elections are going to be held, 16 seats come from the Gwalior-Chambal region and the defeat and victory of these areas is linked to Scindia’s political future. This is because Gwalior-Chambal region is considered as the area of ​​Scindia’s influence. In the last assembly election, the Congress got a huge edge in this area. Also Read – MP Assembly by-election: Sachin Pilot, the stronghold of Scindia, will campaign for Congress

Congress sources say that the party has made up its mind to field a youth team in the election campaign to surround Scindia. In this team, many young leaders including Sachin Pilot, RPN Singh, Jitendra Singh, who are close to Rahul Gandhi, can be put forward in the campaign. The Congress wants to encircle Scindia through youth leaders and for that, Scindia’s close associates seem to be the most usable. Also Read – If Congress can’t answer on PM Relief Fund then it is not right to ask questions on ‘PM Cares’: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman

According to sources, the strategy of election campaigning has been discussed during the visit of State President Kamal Nath to Delhi. Gujjars are voters in many assembly constituencies in the state and they also influence the election results. Therefore, Kamal Nath wants Pilot to use them in campaigning for the by-election. Kamal Nath is trying to reduce the influence of other leaders within the party by bringing the pilot to the state for campaigning.

Political analyst Arvind Mishra believes that Sachin Pilot’s identity in the Congress is not only about the energetic and the leader who speaks his words meaninglessly, but also among the general public, Pilot is liked. Congress has suffered due to Scindia’s departure, Congress’s use of a new and shiny face may be effective in curbing Scindia’s influence in the by-election. If the Congress succeeds in doing this, elections will become even more interesting.

Sources associated with the Congress say that new equations are being formed in the politics of Congress in Madhya Pradesh. State President Kamal Nath wants only those leaders of the state who are close to him to be activated, those leaders of other states who are close to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi should be sent for campaigning in the state. Overall, a new Congress can be seen in the upcoming assembly by-elections in the state. As such, the party high command has already deployed four secretaries for the by-election and they are engaged in bringing the electoral strategy to the ground level by staying among the party high command along with Kamal Nath.

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