MP Government’s unique step to tackle pollution problem, now unit will be made to make fuel from starch

Bhopal: A plan is being worked out to prevent environmental damage due to burning of straw in Madhya Pradesh. Under this, it is proposed to set up units to make fuel from starch in the state. State Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel met Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in Delhi recently and many topics were discussed. Patel says that in order to prevent the environmental damage caused by burning of straw in the state, fuel-generating units will be installed from the straw. Also Read – Delhi Pollution News: Poisonous Delhi-NCR air, increase in patients with respiratory disease

It is to be known that after burning the crop, the farmers set fire to the fields to burn the straw, which causes widespread smoke. This causes harm to the environment. To prevent this, emphasis is being made on making fuel from starch. Also Read – Dispute over Love Jihad, demand for law making in Bihar, Maharashtra said – we do not need

Patel further informed that it has been decided to open petrol pumps in 25 agricultural produce mandis of the state, soon the process will be completed by selecting the mandis as per the requirement. By opening petrol pumps in the mandis, farmers will be saved from many problems. Also Read – Health Tips: To tackle problems caused by air pollution, include these superfoods in the diet

Agriculture Minister Patel says that effective schemes for the welfare of farmers have been implemented in the state which will help in making them self-reliant and prosperous. Let me tell you that stubble is a very serious problem in Central India and North India. Due to this, pollution is increasing every day.

India is facing two types of serious cases these days. One is not taking the name of corona virus being reduced, due to pollution, corona infection is spreading rapidly. Straw is also one of the main reasons for increasing pollution. By burning stubble, the smoke is spread through thousands of kilometers, causing people to have a lot of problems in breathing.