MP: No fear of Corona, no fear of life, what will you say after watching this video of BJP’s Kalash Yatra …

Madhya Pradesh: In Madhya Pradesh, where the figures of corona virus are increasing daily and people are being asked to follow social distancing. At the same time, the Bharatiya Janata Party is not backing away from playing with people’s lives. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s minister Tulsi Silavat saw some such scenes in the Vidhan Sabha constituency, seeing the video, you will also say that what is Corona… what is that, there is no fear of Corona here. However, when the video of the Kalash Yatra went viral, BJP leader Rajesh Sonkar said that the permission for the Kalash Yatra was taken from the administration. Also Read – In this state, there is no need of a prescription for a corona test, you can get it checked on your own

In the Kalash Yatra, thousands of women were involved in this yatra by putting the urn on the head without putting on a mask, bypassing the corona. Despite this, the administration has prohibited any religious-electoral events in the state. Despite this, the people hoisted the government order fiercely and in large numbers took part in this Kalash Yatra. Also Read – Bihar Unlocked from Corona, Gate of Mall-Parks and Parks Reopened, Old Raun

The main purpose of this Kalash Yatra is political because by-elections are going to be held in the state in the coming days and it also includes the seat of Samveer. For this seat, the BJP is taking out a Kalash Yatra in every village of Sanwar Vidhan Sabha from September 5 to September 9. In this, the party took out the Kalash Yatra with 2 thousand women in the entire area without taking permission from the administration.

During this Kalash Yatra taken out in the evening, social distancing among the people was also not noticed. The Kalash Yatra has been extracted along with the band-instruments. The mastermind of this Kalash Yatra was Tulsiram Silavat, the minister of the state government. While the Corona infection is taking such a frightening form in the entire state, the government is worried about gaining power instead of fighting the infection.

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