MultiVersus open beta reduces the power of the character considered strongest


The open beta begins today on PC, PlayStation and Xbox after a successful closed beta period.

Not even the most optimistic expected the success that MultiVersus is accumulating without having been officially launched. The fighting game Warner Bros. has gathered thousands of players just with the closed beta that has been held for the last week, but this same Tuesday, June 26, the open beta begins.

This new free to play test for PC, PlayStation and Xbox players brings different changes. Perhaps the most striking is the addition of LeBron James as a playable character because the Los Angeles Lakers star starred in the second part of Space Jam at the hands of Warner Bros.

Taz tornado will be less effectiveBut there are more modifications in the output patch, as VGC has advanced. The most important is the nerf, or power reduction, to Taz, considered by many to be the strongest character in the closed beta mainly due to the effect of his spin attack. The tornado will now be less effective, and in the future the attack is planned to have a cooldown period before it can be used again.


In addition, those responsible for the game assure that, because this decision will cause Taz’s strength to be reduced at high levels of play, we can expect other changes in more movements, seeing some others of the character improved. Once the patch is applied, the list of characters available for free will also rotate, now featuring Finn, Garnet, Superman, and Perreno (Reindog).

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It will be necessary to see if the numbers of MultiVersus players shoot up even more with this open beta than start today. Of course, the fact that it is a free to play title will help, although there are already three paid founders packs available for those who want to invest money in more elements of the Warner title.

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