“My son/daughter has shared sexual content on OnlyFans”: INCIBE shares this real case and gives advice to more families


The INCIBE or Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain has a telephone number, 017, in which it attends to citizen problems in terms of security. And so many times share these concerns you receive, in case they can help to other people. The latest story she shared today on her Twitter involves OnlyFans and an underage person.

OnlyFans is an adult-oriented platform well known for its sexual content. Users can create content and monetize it, for example, showing their naked bodies. The protagonist of this story was able to access OnlyFans despite being a minor for, among other things, “the easy access to this content on the Internet”, as INCIBE experts say.

His parents discovered their son’s online activity and decided to call INCIBE’s Your Help in Cybersecurity service for advice. They found out thanks to their parental monitoring tools.

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Doubts about sexuality

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Daniel is 14 years old and had doubts about his sexuality. He accessed the Internet to contact other people in search of information and references. And this led him to discover OnlyFans in his navigation. could skip the restrictions it has for minors and, attracted by the web and out of curiosity, he began to use the web to share intimate content such as a video of him in the shower.

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The father decided to check his son’s mobile after noticing many mood swings and very abrupt in the young. Daniel felt embarrassed and became aggressive.

The parents saw, when they found out what had happened, that many users had written to him to continue being intimate and requesting new sexual content. The father ended up taking away the mobile phone and calls INCIBE’s 017 in search of professional help.

What does INCIBE say about these cases

They say from INCIBE that “voluntarily sharing videos and intimate images (sexting) on ​​the Internet directly affects the privacy and reputation of the author”. In this case, Daniel circumvented the OnlyFans registration systems. And this can lead to serious problems such as sexual abuse and exploitation of minors on the Internet or that minors may come into contact with dangerous communities.

Other additional risks that could happen are sextortion for economic purposescyberbullying, or being a victim of hate speech.

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To prevent this from happening, INCIBE recommends something obvious but worth remembering: encourage dialogue between fathers and mothers and sons and daughters. Take an interest in their behavior online, “with a climate of trust to raise any questions, in which it is natural talk about the risks of the Internet, such as sexting, grooming, sextortion, etc. In this way, it is convenient to avoid authoritarian behavior, aggressive tones, or exaggerated reactions, avoid judging the minor, and bet on a relationship of trust.

Also, if parents allow their children to create a profile on a social network or service, it is convenient to review the privacy and security options it offers, also knowing how to block or report annoying users or inappropriate behavior. In this case, it even encourages them to rely on the OnlyFans help and support pages to report users who continued to request content from the child.

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“It is also advisable to rely on a family pact, with guidelines for proper use, limits to help them develop their autonomy and responsibility in use, agreeing on joint reviews of their activity to update us on trends and guide them on possible risks” either use parental control toolsfor example, to prevent the installation of apps without parental permission.


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