Mystery about the “black box” of the car that Tiger Woods was driving: why it will be key in the accident investigation

This is how Tiger Woods' truck looked after the accident (Photo: Reuters)
This is how Tiger Woods’ truck looked after the accident (Photo: Reuters)

48 hours ago, the world of sports suffered an impact with the news of the serious accident it suffered Tiger Woods. Legendary American Golfer, winner of 15 Majors, overturned with his truck in the area of Rancho Palos Verdes, a city located in Los Angeles, and ended up hospitalized for multiple injuries to his legs.

In the last hours, after the medical part was known after the surgical intervention that was performed on the 45-year-old player in the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, the county sheriff gave details of the first contact the authorities had with Tiger once he was willing to speak.

“At the hospital, the investigators asked him about it and there was no memory of the accident itself”the sheriff explained Alex Villanueva in dialogue with the television network CNN. At the same time, he confirmed that Woods was conscious and lucid at the scene of the accident with his truck, but did not comment on the possible cause of what happened.

Villanueva also opened a new line on the subject of the Genesis GV80 pickup model 2021: they will investigate the “black box” that these modern cars have to know precisely how fast you were driving when you lost control. “We hope it is equipped with the black box so that we will have information on speed, which may be a factor in this accident”the sheriff clarified.

At the same time, he recognized that They still do not know if Woods was distracted at the time of the dismissal, but he assured “we will find out”. For that, he clarified, cell phone records will be key. However, if this is confirmed, it would not be classified as a crime and would hardly count as an offense.

The Genesis GV80 should be equipped with a "black box" which will give you the exact speed report (Photo: Reuters)
The Genesis GV80 should be equipped with a “black box” that will give you the exact speed report (Photo: Reuters)

The official Carlos Gonzalez was the first policeman to approach the place where the golfer’s vehicle overturned on the border of Rolling Hills Estates Y Palos Verdes Ranches, in Los Angeles California. According to the authorities’ report, the collision occurred at 7.12 on Tuesday. At 7.22 a neighbor made the call to 911 and only six minutes later, at 7.28, the uniformed man was already on the scene.

Sheriff Villanueva also explained that investigators will not press charges against Tiger. “We do not contemplate any charges in this accident. This is still an accident. An accident is not a crime. They happen, unfortunately “.

The medical center where Tiger Woods was operated (Reuters)
The medical center where Tiger Woods was operated (Reuters)

“Car accident. Trapped person. Sheriff at the scene. Vehicle on the side of the road, ”González declared on the radio, in addition to requesting reinforcements and medical assistance for those involved in the traffic accident.

According to the reconstruction of the media in the United States, Woods changed his course, collided with a welcome to the place sign located in the middle of the road, crossed into the south sector lanes, jumped a sidewalk and entered a nearby field where your vehicle finally stopped after hitting a tree. The athlete was traveling to “A relatively higher speed than normal”confirmed Sheriff Villanueva. It is estimated that the speed at which the golfer was traveling was about 130 km / h.

After being released by firefighters and once he arrived at the hospital to be treated by the doctors, Tiger was subjected to lengthy surgery for injuries to the foot, ankle, tibia, and fibula of his right leg, the most affected by the collision of his Genesis GV80 truck. “He suffered major orthopedic injuries to his right lower limb that were treated during emergency surgery by orthopedic trauma specialists,” said the center’s medical director, Anish Mahajan.

Tiger along with former NBA player Dwyane Wade played golf before the serious accident suffered by the winner of 15 Majors (@dwyanewade)
Tiger along with former NBA player Dwyane Wade played golf before the serious accident suffered by the winner of 15 Majors (@dwyanewade)


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