Myth of Empires guide for beginners. How to level up fast, recruit soldiers and weapons


Myth of Empires is an interesting MMO with touches of RPG and strategy, but, in order not to die at the first turn, you have to know these tricks to go from noob to pro. If you don’t follow them, you will die multiple times before being able to properly steer your step from vagabond to general of empires.

The Myth of Empires tips that we are going to give you in this small guide of tricks for the beginner focus on explaining how to level up fast, how to get good crafting formulas, how to heal yourself, how to recruit and what they are the best sites to build your bases. It is a guide based on the experience of someone who would have liked to have been told all these things before. Lets start by the beginning. The best way to level up quickly and easily in this video game is by collecting. Until reaching level 14 don’t waste time on something else. Collect everything you have on hand, without rest and without stopping. Myth of Empires is very generous with delivering levels early in the game, and it doesn’t penalize much with hunger until you start attacking other animals and people. So don’t waste time and collect like a sick man up to level 14.

It will not be until this moment that the game will begin to deliver good build formulas for weapons, tools and household items. It gives them automatically. To prepare for construction time, create as many ropes as you can. Almost everything important in the game requires strings, and they also give you more experience points when producing them. So don’t be shy and fill yourself with strings. Again, don’t worry about the food. Eventually, the game will ask you to cook some lobsters. Up to that point, focus on collecting and making strings (have I repeated this enough?). At level 14, the first thing you have to worry about is getting armor pieces. With wood, bark and ropes you can make a good team. The best weapon in the game to start is the bow. I recommend that you put all possible skill points on this weapon. This is especially advisable if you enjoy Myth of Empires alone.

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Myth of Empires is very generous with delivering levels early in the gameThe reason is that the game’s AI is not very sharp, but it is very aggressive. With the bow and a terrain obstacle, you can take down powerful creatures and even humans. Also make arrows. There will come a point in the game where Myth of Empires asks you to explore and traverse the map. Until now, you must neither hunt nor attempt to fight anyone, nor build. The reason is that you will be wasting time. The best places to build in Myth of Empires are where there are groups of people, and you will never see them as soon as they are born in the game. Look for smoke in the distance and follow it, most likely that is where you find individuals. With a level close to 20, and several recipes achieved by the natural course of the game, bow and hand weapons, it is necessary to prepare a good fire and eat.

The best Myth of Empires weapon to start with is the bow and arrows

Myth of Empires guide for beginners.  How to level up fast, recruit soldiers and weapons

Luckily, during all that harvesting you will have spent a lot of time in the bushes. They give you lots of field lobsters here. With them and a little grass for fuel, you can cook quickly. Build your house near the humans’ lair, so it will be easier for you to go after them to recruit them. They are usually near areas with many animals, so it will also be an ideal place to hunt. Recruiting in Myth of Empires is done in two ways: peacefully or through blood and fire. The first option is perfect if you are going for large groups of future slaves. They will ask you for food or objects to make. Again, as you will have your base close to them, you will have it perfect to create, hunt and return to their side to recruit them.

Myth of Empires guide for beginners.  How to level up fast, recruit soldiers and weapons

With these tips you should not have problems moving forward properlyThe other option is the wild one. You will need to unlock the Equal Recipe. You will have to go after your prey, leave it half dead and then tie it to this torture rack. After half an hour, his mind will be subdued and he will follow you. Of course, never choose this route if the human is accompanied or they will kill you. This tip also applies to groups of animals. Look at their gender. If there are males and females, it is most possible that, if you attack the female, the male will give you for the hair and vice versa. In general: the peaceful way for groups and the violent one for the lonely is always the best option. With these tips you should have no problem advancing properly to the next phase of the game: conquest. But that we already let you mount it to your liking.


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