Nacho Beristáin attacked the Terrible Morales for the Dynamite vs. Pacquiao fight: “It wasn’t luck”

Nacho Beristáin hit the Terrible Morales for downplaying Juan Manuel Márquez's victory over Manny Pacquiao (Photos: Twitter/@SteveKim323,@CarlosEmilioGil)
Nacho Beristáin hit the Terrible Morales for downplaying Juan Manuel Márquez’s victory over Manny Pacquiao (Photos: Twitter/@SteveKim323,@CarlosEmilioGil)

the victory of Juan Manuel Marquez about Manny Pacquiao is one of the most memorable written in the history of Mexican boxing. Although the event became widely celebrated, some characters such as Erick Morales pointed out that the result of the fight was a stroke of luck. Years later, during a face-to-face talk, Ignacio Beristainwho was coach of the Dynamitehe reproached him for his opinion.

During a conversation between Nacho Beristan y Erick Terrible Moralesthe trainer cataloged the victory of Márquez in the fourth fight with Pacman Pacquiao as the most relevant in his coaching career. Even he dared to regard her as a “historical event”so he raised his voice when he remembered when they came to insinuate that the victory had not been deserved by his pupil.

Dynamite defeated Pacman in the fourth confrontation in its history (Photo: Getty Images)
Dynamite defeated Pacman in the fourth confrontation in its history (Photo: Getty Images)

“They say it was a stroke of luck. When we got to the press conference they told me it was a stroke of luck. I thought that (Mauricio) Sulaimán or (Eduardo) Lamazón had said it and I told them ‘I don’t know who the p…ndejo was who said it, but it wasn’t luck’. In boxing, only in the movies there are lucky shots, like the one Sylvester Stalone does in the movies, but lucky shots don’t exist,” he said with a laugh.

Moments before making his statement, Beristáin recalled the arguments that his pupil offered inside the ring and by which he was able to overcome the fighter who defeated him on two previous occasions. He even admitted that the Filipino was managing to take control of the brawl, but a timely move by the Dynamite helped him to stay with the victory.

The Mexican's victory was by knockout (Photo: Getty Images)
The Mexican’s victory was by knockout (Photo: Getty Images)

“The round where Pacquiao hurt him the most was the round where Juan landed a few punches in his belly with his right hand. He put like three m…draws into it. When he got to the corner he had a little cut and the septum was half m * dreaded and he told me Nacho, there I have it. I think I’m going to knock him out’. Julio (César Chávez) told (Eduardo) Lamazón that Juan was looking for the hit and in the other round it’s over”, he recalled.

After listening to the coach’s intervention, the Terrible Morales recognized having been the author of the controversial statement that bothered the corner of the Dynamite. However, he tried to justify his assertion by referring to the fortune involved in the organization of four fights between both fighters. It is worth mentioning that the rivalry of Juan Manuel vs Pacman it is the only one in history that has been extended for so many chapters.

In December 2012, the Mexican and the Filipino set up the ring to give life to the fourth fight of their rivalry, although the outcome shook the attendees in the sports arena thanks to the fall suffered by Pacman Pacquiao.

“Luck is nothing more than be at the right time with something that has worked so hard. We do not misunderstand. When it is a coincidence, it is something that was not even thought of. What happens is that you worked a lot, but you had three fights. How many opportunities do you have? Sometimes there are no rematches. Very rarely are there trilogies. It’s luck. More because after so many rounds you grab the ching * dazo that you practiced so much ”.

thanks to victory, Juan Manuel Marquez became the second boxer Mexican who was able to beat the Filipino. And it is that until before the night of December 8, 2012, Erick Morales was the only Aztec boxer who had managed to break the impressive record of the Pacman.

After three episodes, where the balance favored Pacman with a draw and two wins, Márquez managed to justify his disagreement with the results given by the judges. To leave no room for doubt, in the sixth round he landed a solid cross with which he sent his rival to the canvas. The scene was one of contrasts because, while Pacman remained unconscious On the floor, Márquez celebrated his first victory against the Filipino in the air.


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