Nacho Beristáin exploded against Canelo Álvarez: “He’s going to feel the pirinola”

(Fotos: Getty images)
(Fotos: Getty images)

The trilogy of Canelo vs Golovkin is getting closer to completion and with it the definition of the most dangerous rivalry he has ever faced Saul Alvarezwho will have a third chance to win convincingly against the Kazakh fighter.

After a draw and a victory for the Guadalajara player, both controversial results among fans, this new edition will also mean a rematch for GGGwho will seek to finally win against his Mexican nemesis and agree with all some critics who considered the last fights unfair.

Who was part of the detractors was Nacho Beristainhistorical Aztec trainer and one of the main critics of Canelo Álvarezsomething that he made clear in a new interview, because he burst the Mexican fighter again and now he mentioned that he could receive a harsh punishment from Golovkin.

Photo: Infobae/JM Mariscal/Paul Miranda
Photo: Infobae/JM Mariscal/Paul Miranda
Interview: Nacho Beristáin highlighted to Infobae México the good level of Mexican boxing beyond Canelo

During an extensive discussion with Erik the terrible MoralesDon Nacho Beristáin assured that Canelo Álvarez “It’s not as good” as they paint it and proceeded to say a trick against the man from Jalisco, as he mentioned that “I think he’s going to feel the pirinola now”.

He also took the opportunity to leave a hint towards the leader of Golden Boy Promotios, Oscar de la hoyato whom he attributed much of the blame for creating the Saul character in boxing through the judges, although he did not specify how they would have helped him.

I feel that De La Hoya helped the colorín a lot with the judges (Saúl Álvarez) and now it will no longer have that support; I think he is going to feel the pirinola now, because the Kazakh is raffling off. “He (Gennady Golovkin) is thinking maybe this is his last fight; if the other guy ap * leaves, they’re going to drop it “

Canelo Álvarez became the most successful fighter of recent times in Mexican boxing (Photo: Instagram/@canelo)
Canelo Álvarez became the most successful fighter of recent times in Mexican boxing (Photo: Instagram/@canelo)

This type of claim towards the Canelo Álvarezsince Beristáin has established himself as a direct detractor of Guadalajara and even during an interview with Infobae Mexicothe coach assured that part of his success is due to his “red beard since he sells a lot of tickets”, something that does not reflect the fact that he is “number 1”.

It should be remembered that Beristáin has been in the corner of the main referent of Mexican boxing in history, Julio Cesar Chavezas well as his son, examples that he has put as a reference to mention that Canelo is not as good as they paint him.

“I think they have helped him a lot; he is not the fighter they think. It’s good, but until a certain time. I was on the corner with Julio’s son and he had no reflections. It was not a rival”

Nacho Beristáin exploded against Canelo Álvarez:
Nacho Beristáin exploded against Canelo Álvarez: “He’s going to feel the pirinola” (Photo: [email protected]_arzate)

Recently, the director of the World Boxing Council (CMB), Mauricio Sulaimanexplained why there is so much hatred towards Saul and revealed the influence that could have TV Azteca and his rivalry with Televisain addition to its physical characteristics.

“He is freckled, red-haired, nice, quiet, a fighter and suddenly with a super girlfriend with whom he appears in magazines and at the same time he begins to succeed in boxing,” he explained. Sulaiman in interview with Tono de Valdes through his channel Youtube

Later he added: “On the other side, on the other television station (TV Azteca) they are with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and that competition is formed of who will be champion first, if the one from Televisa o Azteca. Each one of them made media enemies because of their association with a certain company”, he sentenced.


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