Nadal closed the Djokovic case and maintained: “He was also responsible for what happened”


*The best plays of Rafa’s victorious debut

The Spanish Rafael Nadal (6) convinced with a perfect staging in the first round of the Australian Open after comfortably beating the American Marcos Giron 6-1, 6-4 and 6-2, in a game in which he did not concede any break ball.

“These have been very difficult months for me. It is impossible to be happier”, commented after closing its premiere in less than two hours.

At the same time, he also talked about what happened with Djokovic after your deportation: “I’m pretty tired of this. Almost a week ago, when he won the case in the first instance and was able to recover his visa and practice, I said that justice had spoken. Today he said something else and I will not go against what justice says.

Rafael Nadal won on his debut in Australia (Reuters)
Rafael Nadal won on his debut in Australia (Reuters)

“Another thing is what I personally believe and what I think is the ideal situation. You know that the ideal situation in the world of sports is that the best players are in the most important events without a doubt and if Novak Djokovic plays here it is better for everyone. Another thing is what happened and as I said at the beginning I can’t say anything because I think the situation is very clear.”, continued number six in the ATP ranking.

“Honestly I wish him all the best, I think the situation has been a disaster and he’s not the only one who probably did things wrong in that case, of course there are more responsible in this whole terrible situation that we have faced during the last few weeks, but of course, he is one of those responsible. So on a personal level, yes I would like to see him playing here and whether or not he should play here is another discussion that I don’t want to talk about anymore, “he said.

The Balearic dissipated the doubts generated after commenting that his expectations were not the same due to his long period of inactivity after overwhelming the American with 27 winning shots and a high percentage (88%) of points with first services.

Nadal, who will be the only candidate to reach his 21st Grand Slam after the deportation of Serbian Novak Djokovic, he could face the Australian and guest in a demanding second round Thanasi Kokkinakis who arrived in Melbourne after being crowned champion in Adelaide.

He was consulted about this historic record at the subsequent press conference in which he assured that his happiness It will not depend on becoming the tennis player with the most Grand Slam titles.

“I just live my day to day. I don’t live with that anguish to want to be the one with the most Grand Slams. At the end of the day, the three of us have exceeded our expectations”, he commented in reference to the race to become the tennis player with the most crowns major maintained by the Serbian Novak Djokovic, the Swiss Roger Federer and the Spanish.

The Spanish is in search of his 21st Grand Slam (Reuters)
The Spanish is in search of his 21st Grand Slam (Reuters)

Later, the Spanish praised his solid performance in the first round although he admitted that “there were also certain mistakes” despite the fact that he decisively beat the American Giron 6-1, 6-4 and 6-2.

“I served well and the forehand was good. I have to forgive myself for the mistakes because there are going to be because of the situation in which I arrive”, he said in reference to the six months that he was away from the competition after undergoing surgery on his left foot.

The Balearic also revealed that his problems with his knee disappeared with confinement but his problems with his foot, an injury he has suffered since he started his professional career as he himself indicated, worsened.

“With the seven or eight weeks of confinement, the knee was better than ever, worse the foot was possibly worse than ever”, sentenced.

The Balearic joined the Spanish victories of Carlos Alcaraz, Pedro Martinez and Pablo Carreno to complete the full win at Melbourne Park. He also continued his run of triumphs at Melbourne Park in the current season after he took the title in the preparatory tournament Summer Set after beating American Maxime Cressy in the final.


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