Nadal shot Djokovic after what happened in Australia: “The world has suffered too much not to follow the rules”


The situation you are going through Novak Djokovic In Australia, it is one of the issues that arouse the most interest and debate around the world due to the divided opinions generated by the Serbian’s position on vaccination to combat the coronavirus.

The current world tennis number 1 arrived in the oceanic country with the aim of playing the first Grand Slam of the season but so far his presence in the tournament continues to be unknown.

In the other side, Rafael Nadal, one of his historical rivals, spoke out on the case after winning his first singles match on the ATP tour in Melbourne: “I had the covid, I was vaccinated twice. If you do this, you have no problem playing here. That is the only thing that is clear ”.

Novak Djokovic was transferred to a refugee hotel until Monday (Reuters)
Novak Djokovic was transferred to a refugee hotel until Monday (Reuters)

At the same time the Spanish, who has no special sympathy for his great rival Nole, said this Thursday that the Serbian tennis player You will have to assume the consequences of not having been vaccinated against the coronavirus. The world tennis number one was detained by border police upon arrival in Australia on Wednesday, and his visa was canceled for failing to comply with the requirements regarding covid vaccination to enter the country.

“For me the only thing clear is that if you have been vaccinated, you can play the Australian Open and anywhere, and in my opinion the world has suffered enough not to follow the rules “, considered the manacorí.

Djokovic, “Has made its own decisions, and everyone is free to do it, but that has some consequences. I certainly don’t like this situation, and in a way I feel sorry for him, “he continued. The matador and added: “He is a person of legal age who makes his decisions and who you have to pay the consequences of those decisions. I knew the conditions beforehand ”.

“It’s normal for people here to get frustrated. They have passed very hard confinements, people could not travel from one state to another, “he said regarding the uproar caused by the news that the Serbian had allegedly received a medical exemption to play the Australian Open.

The Serbian's presence in the first Grand Slam of the season is complicated (Reuters)
The Serbian’s presence in the first Grand Slam of the season is complicated (Reuters)

At the end of December, the 35-year-old Spanish tennis player was positive for coronavirus, transited the disease and assured that had to cope with “very hard symptoms.”

“Beyond winning or losing, the important thing today is the fact of having returned. I had a fever for two days and I was in bed barely able to move but I always wanted to be here ”, he explained at the press conference after starting with victory against the Lithuanian Ricardas Berankis in the second round of the Melbourne Summer Set.

“I have had a great time training here these days. Today there have been certain failures but they fall within the logic after being idle for so long “The Spaniard commented after revealing that he would not play the second round doubles match that he was going to play with his compatriot Jaume Munar.


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