Napoli ultras claim to have their coach’s stolen car: “We will return it to him when he resigns”

Spalletti anticipated that he will continue to lead Napoli (Reuters)
Spalletti anticipated that he will continue to lead Napoli (Reuters)

The italian football is experiencing a singular and violent moment after a flag of the ultras of the Napoli will reveal that they are the ones who own the coach’s car Luciano Spallettiwhich had been stolen in 2021. In this context, these dangerous fans seek to extort the coach to resign and thus return it to him.

The news has perplexed Serie A. The banner placed outside the Diego Armando Maradona stadium is clear: “Spalletti, we’ll give you back your Panda, as long as you leave.” But there is no evidence that the vehicle, stolen in October 2021, is in the hands of this group of fans, which is why the technician was encouraged to joke about the matter at a press conference.

“The Panda? We would have to see what condition they are going to return it to me, if they have it, how many kilometers they have traveled, if there are Pino Daniele CDs inside. We will evaluate when it happens.” he pointed out between laughs. In addition, he announced that he does not intend to leave his position: “We are doing our job correctly, without a doubt I will be Napoli’s coach next year. We are evaluating together with Giuntoli how to improve the team to reach even higher”.

The flag of the Napoli ultras in which they claim to have Spalletti's stolen car
The flag of the Napoli ultras in which they claim to have Spalletti’s stolen car

The southern team is third in the standings and has already secured a place in the next Champions League, but this is not enough for his typhoid. The fact is that the team had a slump in the second half of the season and, after fighting for the title together with Milan e Interhas been left with no chance of winning the trophy when there are still two days left.

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This has caused criticism against Spalletti shot, but no one imagined that a flag like the one that was hung by the ultras could appear.

Milan is the leader of Calcio with 80 points, two more than Inter, when there are two days left. Behind is Napoli, with 73, and Juventus, with 69. Lazio, who has 62, is qualifying for the Europa League for now, and Mourinho’s Roma would go to the Conference Legaue, although they are not assured of sixth place in the table anymore. that it is above Fiorentina and Atalanta only because of the results it has achieved in direct confrontations against those teams.


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