National Commission for Women received 23,722 complaints in 2020, highest in six years

New Delhi: The National Commission for Women received 23,722 complaints regarding violence against women in 2020, the highest in the last six years. According to the commission figures, one fourth of the total complaints were related to domestic violence. Also Read – Sundar Hasina’s Honey Trap Gang, implicated via social media, used to make pornographic videos in hotels

It reported that Uttar Pradesh got the highest number of complaints of 11,872. After this, 2,635 complaints were received from Delhi, 1,266 from Haryana and 1,188 from Maharashtra. Out of a total of 23,722 complaints, 7,708 complaints were related to provision of living with respect in which cases of emotional harassment of women are seen. According to the commission’s data, a total of 5,294 complaints are related to domestic violence. Also Read – UP: Middle-aged student thrown acid on CCTV, 17-year-old student returning from coaching

Commission Chairman Rekha Sharma said that in 2020, financial insecurity, increasing tension, financial concerns and other concerns, such as not getting emotional support from parents / family may have resulted in domestic violence. Also Read – 8 years of Nirbhaya scandal: cruelty towards women in the country has not reduced, father said – battle is still left

He said that the house became a workplace for both husband and wife and a school-college for children. In such circumstances, women are also handling the house from one place and are also professionals. But the biggest challenge facing women this year is not only to keep pace with these circumstances, but also to move forward in this unexpected situation. “According to the commission data, the complaints received in 2020 are the highest in the last six years. Earlier in 2014, 33,906 complaints were received.

The commission received a large number of complaints of domestic violence in March amid the lockdown implemented to prevent the Kovid-19 pandemic. In the lockdown, women were forced to live along with the harassers at home. This trend continued to increase not only in March but in the next few months, and in July, 660 complaints were received in this regard. Sharma said that due to the lockdown, the victims of domestic violence could not get the support of those who used to support them in such times.

She said that due to the lockdown, the chances of registering domestic violence cases also decreased with women and they could not even go to safe places in the meantime and their contact with the maiden also decreased, which at such times There used to be a lot of contact and help for them.

He said, “The mechanisms under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act were not identified as mandatory service in lockdown and hence the security officers and NGOs were unable to go to the homes of the victims.” At the same time, the police officers had so many tasks to deal with Kovid-19 that they could not help the victims effectively. “

According to statistics, there are 1,276 complaints of police apathy towards women and 704 complaints of cyber crime. At the same time, 1,234 complaints of rape or attempted rape were received, while 376 complaints of sexual harassment were received in 2020. Sharma appealed to the women to contact the National Commission for Women whenever needed.

Women’s rights activist Yogita Bhayana, head of People’s Against Rape in India (PARI), said that awareness of women talking and complaining about cases may also be a reason behind the large number of complaints. He said that cases of complaints of domestic violence have increased due to social media. Now women raise their voice and they do not suppress, which is a good thing.

At the same time, another women’s rights activist, Shamina Shafiq, said that the government needs to talk strictly about domestic violence because in an unfortunate way a man thinks that it is his right to beat a woman.

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