Need for Speed ​​could return in the form of a mobile game from the makers of Pokémon Unite


TiMi Studios, also creators of Call of Duty Mobile, have listed a job offer for the driving saga.

It has been a few years since saga Need for Speed It is not what it was. The last big launch was a Need for Speed ​​Heat that was very unbalanced in all its parts and, although Criterion is already working on a new installment that will see the light this same 2022, we miss a greater role of the franchise.

The latest information, however, seems to indicate that this is going to be the case, although not in the way we expected. A Reddit user has echoed job postings recently posted by TiMi Studios on the Tencent website, and among them there is a mention of the driving saga. Specifically, there are job vacancies for Need for Speed Online Mobile.

It would have several game modes and a great worldTherefore, we are talking about a new game for mobile devices that would be being developed by those responsible for other successful titles such as Pokémon Unite, the transfer to the MOBA genre of the famous creatures, or a Call of Duty Mobile that, after succeeding in China , reached the rest of the world mixing weapons and settings from various major installments in Activision’s shooter franchise.

Need for Speed ​​could return in the form of a mobile game from the makers of Pokémon Unite

In the descriptions of the offers, Unreal Engine 4 is mentioned as the base engine for development, in addition to mentioning different game modes, design tools and a big open world. Experience of all kinds is requested, although they prefer previous jobs in racing games, looking for profiles of all kinds (from programmers to 3D animators to designers) to join their Shenzhen offices.

If this information is confirmed in the future, we would have another new installment of the saga that would join a Criterion Need for Speed ​​that was delayed to 2022 because they were collaborating directly in Battlefield 2042. Not another thing, but the study of Electronic Arts It has extensive experience in the driving brand behind it, so we should expect a resurgence at the height of what the franchise represented more than a decade ago.

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