NEET-JEE exam has created ruckus, former Union Education Secretary said – no other option


NEET-JEE EXAMS: In the midst of the corona epidemic, there has been a rage about conducting exams like NEET and JEE. The opinions of experts in education are also getting different about it. However, according to Anil Swarup, former secretary in the Union Ministry of Education, not taking the exam is not an option. The examination should be conducted keeping in mind the future of the students. Also Read – CBSE Paper Leaked: 12th Economics Re-Exam Date Announced

Although the coronovirus epidemic is still prevalent around the world, the Government of India has announced that the examiners will take the exam after reaching the “Sashirir” i.e. the center. As a result, many states and people have protested against it and protests are taking place in many places.

According to Anil Swarup, “Not taking JEE, NEET exam is clearly not an option, let the protesters know if the government can consider postponing the entrance exam further, which will disrupt the entire academic session. In such a situation, examinations have to be conducted. “

Many experts and student organizations say why the government is not conducting virtual exams. This is being done for college admissions in countries like the United States.

To this Anil Swarup said, “This can be a viable option. However, this requires a lot of questions, which may not be readily available now. If preparations had started a few months earlier, perhaps some data banks would have been prepared. However, the question bank alone will not solve the problem.

He said that for this some reliable centers will be required where such tests can be conducted. Given the importance of high-profile entrance examinations, identifying such centers in a short time will be a difficult task. “

He said: “Corona has presented a major challenge. There will be JEE and NEET examinations next year as well. It should be seen as an opportunity. Along with the exam, the role of coaching institutes will also be known that students can take the exam without it. “

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has also said that it is mandatory to conduct competitive exams like JEE and NEET. According to the NTA, it is necessary to conduct an entrance examination to save an academic calendar year. If it is considered as zero academic year, then how will our system be able to accommodate two years candidates in a session.


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