Neo-Nazi symbol detected in Call of Duty: Warzone


This kind of situation, caused in general by ignorance or misuse of some symbols, usually cause a lot of “noise” among the gaming community, although no one in their right mind would think of using certain symbols in a game intended to millions of people, because it would basically be digging your own grave.

This time it’s up to Call of Duty: Warzone, a game that we know is based on an alternate history with fictional political characters. This does not mean that there are allusions to elements of reality and events. In fact, in this case, a user from Ukraine has detected a symbol that can bring a major headache to the Warzone team …

Game insignia and even weapon designs are often a source of discussion, as well as a source of searches for real-world resemblances. The user in question stopped to look at the logo of the Chimera pack, and realized that the logo is that of an organization that does exist in reality.

It has been through Reddit where the logo of the Chimera squad has been highlighted, which seems to be taken directly from a Neo-Nazi battalion of Ukraine. He has uploaded two images to show the inspiration of one and the other. We invite you to take a look.

Note to devs, this insignia is used by a Neo-Nazi battalion in Ukraine from r/CODWarzone

As we say, problems like this, echoed by the Gamerant medium, sometimes occur due to ignorance, but they are probably already in the process of eliminating it.

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