Netflix And Discovery+ Are Going To Charge More To Watch


Netflix And Discovery+ Are Going To Charge More To Watch:

As the actors’ strike continues to hurt Hollywood, Netflix and Discovery+ will soon raise the prices of their streaming services. This will add the two streaming services to a list of companies that have added new services and more expensive tiers with exclusive content.

According to the source, Netflix is going to increase prices within “several markets globally,” beginning with the US as well as Canada. Still, it’s unclear how much Netflix will increase its prices, as well as Netflix didn’t want to say anything about it.

Last year, Netflix raised prices for all of its plans. The Standard plan, which doesn’t have ads, now costs $15.49 per month, and the Premium plan costs $19.99 per month. The company also released a $6.99/month plan with ads and later got rid of its $9.99/month basic plan with no ads.

The Price Of Xbox Game Pass Just Went Up:

Once upon a time, cable was the only way to have fun. Yes, you could sign up for a game such as EverQuest as well as World of Warcraft if you wanted to. But if you wanted variety, you had television, which wasn’t cheap.

When streaming services came along, it seemed like everyone’s budget wishes had been answered. You can get a digital license for almost anything these days, including games. And each one isn’t too expensive.

The price of Xbox Game Pass just went up. Even if you employ the translation hack to save money, PlayStation Plus did the same thing. GeForce Now hasn’t been affected yet, but PC players can’t be sure of much these days.

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Netflix Started Charging $7.99 More Per Month If You Wanted To Share Your Account With Somebody Else:

This year, Netflix stopped letting people share passwords as well as started charging an additional $7.99 each month if you let someone outside of your family use your account.
Prices are going up again because Hollywood is getting closer to going back to work.

Just last week, the Writers Guild of America stopped its strike and started voting on a contract with big Hollywood companies, including Netflix, that might alter the business of streaming.

Streaming proved great when you could get everything you could want for less than $25 per month. But now, even getting three services without ads costs almost $50 per month.

If You Play Games On More Than One Platform, You’re Required To Pay $47:

Say you want to use Game Pass, Netflix, as well as Disney Plus all the time. If you only play PC games, that’s already $40. If you play games on more than one platform, it costs about $47.

Under the new deal, streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and more will have to share details about how their content is used with the WGA. This will let writers see how well their content does.

The deal also says that writers of streaming features will get at least an 18% raise in pay for high-budget movies and a 26% raise in residuals.

You Can No Longer Share Accounts With People Outside Your Household:

According to the WGA’s estimates, their new deal will only cost Netflix 0.2% of its total income. Want something special, like a lot of cartoons or Asian dramas? Or a music service as well?

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Prepare to pay more, and be prepared to be nickeled and dimed to death. You can no longer share accounts with people outside your home. The American Federation of Radio and Television Artists and the Screen Actors Guild went upon strike on July 14.

It came after the Writers’ Guild of America went on strike. The WGA ended its strike last week. One of the things that was talked about was leftover pay for streaming shows.

Since There’s No New Material Coming Out, Raising Prices Wouldn’t Be A Smart Move:

At the same time, Hollywood players are still upon strike, which means that some movies are still not being made. Netflix is probably waiting until the strike is over to raise prices, since it doesn’t make sense to raise prices when no new material is coming out.

Once writers and players are back at work, there will probably be a lot of fresh content that Netflix will utilize to explain the price hike. Actors and writers went on strike 82 days ago, which stopped most movies and television series from being made.

The Deal Will Force Streamers To Tell The WGA How Many People Watched Their Own And Other People’s Work:

The writers stopped their 148-day strike last week shortly after the Writers Guild of America and a group of Hollywood companies came to an agreement on a new deal. This could be the first time that limited streaming data is made public.

As part of the deal, streamers will have to tell the WGA how many people watched their original and licensed content. These numbers could be protected by non-disclosure agreements and not be made public, but the union will probably still be able to release data about the whole.

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The data will let writers get bonuses based on how well their work does on streaming platforms. It will also force companies to explain to writers for the very first time why they choose to make their own shows.