Netflix announces Sonic Prime, the new Sonic the Hedgehog animated series


At the end of last December 2020, Netflix tweeted the announcement of an animated Sonic the Hedgehog series, which would be planned by 2022. However, he deleted the tweet shortly after. Although its existence was not made official, it was evident that it had been a full-blown internal leak.

And today it is confirmed. Your name will Sonic Prime, and it will be a 3D animation series created by SEGA, @WildBrainHQ and @ManOfActionEnt. Indeed, its world premiere is scheduled for 2022. You can see its logo, very faithful to the usual style of the hedgehog, below.

As you can see, the announcement has taken place through a message published by the official NX account and Twitter. And the most curious thing of all is that the message seems to refer to the 2020 leak:

“Yes, it’s true! Legendary SEGA video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog will star in a new 3D animated series from @SEGA, @WildBrainStudio and @ManOfActionEnt, released on Netflix in 2022.”.

In any case, we will have to wait to learn more about the production. In addition, at the moment we do not have any images of the series to get an idea of ​​what that 3D animation will look like. Although, by its nature, we would not be surprised at all if this production was linked, in some way, to the Paramount film released this past year 2020.

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In fact, it is very possible that when creating this production, the collection obtained by the film was taken into account, which already has a sequel in production at the moment. It was so well received, that it has already become one of the most successful video game-based movies of all time.