Netflix Posts A $900,000 Job For An AI While Actors And Writers Are On Strike


Netflix Posts A $900,000 Job For An AI While Actors And Writers Are On Strike:

When could this pair of Hollywood hits stop? As Netflix’s latest job posting for a machine learning platform product manager shows, it looks like the big companies are getting ready for a long fight.

According to this SAG-AFTRA contract, the job pays between $300,000 and $900,000 a year. This is a lot of money for an actor at a time when most make around $200 a day. For both sides, one of the most important things to talk about is what role AI will serve in making entertainment in the future.

As Of Now Total Of 65,000 Hollywood Joined Strike:

As of last week, about 65,000 Hollywood players had put up picket signs, stopping shows as they fought for higher pay in an industry that is changing quickly and where prices are going up.

The job post says that the AI is going to be utilized to “create wonderful content” rather than just to make new formulas for recommending shows and movies.

Recently Netflix Shared A Post In This Post Netflix Want AI Product Manager And The Base Pay Is $900,000:

The posting also makes reference to a large-scale attempt by the streaming giant to use AI within “all parts of the business.” In another part of the company’s website, it says that AI is used “to optimize the production of original television and film shows.”

In one situation, Netflix is willing to pay up to $900,000 for just one AI product manager. This summer is the initial occasion since 1960 that Hollywood actors as well as writers are on strike together. They want better pay and rules about how companies can use artificial intelligence.

Netflix Is Also Looking for A Technical Head For Creative AI:

That’s not the only job offering from the company that talks about AI and promises a big paycheck. The Intercept said that Netflix is also looking for a technical head for creative AI for its growing game company. This job pays up to $650,000 per year.

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These efforts are already paying off. For example, Netflix’s Spanish reality dating show Deep Fake Love scans the faces of contestants to make “AI-generated deepfakes,” and its game company uses generative AI to write stories and conversation.

All Of This Occur Due To Actors Refuse The Proposal Of Alliance Of Motion Pictures And Television Producers:

All of this happened because striking actors turned down a proposal from the Alliance of Motion Picture as well as Television Producers. The proposal would have given actors a one-time $200-a-day rate to be scanned and used as AI-enhanced CGI copies of themselves forever and ever.

SAG-AFTRA claims the company might “own that scan, their image, their likeness, as well as be able to use it for the rest of time in any project they want without permission or payment.”

Fran Drescher Stated That Most Of Her Members Don’t Have Health Insurance Which Costs $26,000 Per Year:

Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA, said that most of her members don’t even make enough for health insurance, which amounts to $26,000 a year. In most jobs, that would be called a part-time job.

Just after the actors’ strike was approved, the Alliance of Motion Picture as well as Television Producers, which represents the TV and film companies in negotiations with the actors as well as writers unions, announced “a revolutionary AI proposal that safeguards actors’ digital resemblance for SAG-AFTRA members.”

People compared the offer with an episode of the future science fiction TV show “Black Mirror,” in which actress Salma Hayek was in a Kafka-like battle alongside a studio that utilized a scanned digital version of her face against her will.

So, $900,000 a year per soldier in their evil AI army, when that amount of money could pay for SAG-AFTRA health insurance for 35 actors and their families, is just cruel, said actor Rob Delaney, who played the main character in the Black Mirror episode.

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I’ve been both poor and wealthy in this business, so I can tell you that there’s enough money for everyone. It’s all about what you value most.

The artists who are on strike want to make sure that their scanned picture can’t be changed by AI without giving them enough money.

According To Drescher All Companies Is Showing Their Shareholders How Much Money They Are Making Rather Than Losing:

Drescher said of the companies, “All they care about is showing their shareholders how much money they’re generating rather than losing.” “That’s strange. I can’t figure out why people aren’t simply doing the right thing and why their whole society fails to move toward having character.”

The Alliance of Motion Picture as well as Television Producers, which represents the studios, asserts that the union has “mischaracterized” their stance.

SAG-AFTRA’s Deal Worth $1 Billion:

AMPTPT said in a statement, “The deal that SAG-AFTRA walked out of on the 12th of July was worth more than $1 billion within wage increases, pension and medical contributions, and residual increases. It also includes first-of-their-kind protections for AI over its three-year term.”

Why Do The Actors Go On Strike?

SAG-AFTRA says that there are two primary areas of debate. The stars are asking the companies to pay them more and to make it harder for them to use AI in artistic projects.

According to a paper given by SAG-AFTRA, artists want an 11% raise on their base pay this year as well as an 8% increase over the following two years. This is to make up for the high inflation of the two years preceding this one.

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According to the paper, the companies have responded with a proposal of 5% this year as well as 7.5% in each of the next two years. The AMPTP told the unions that its deal involved “the highest percentage rise in minimums within 35 years.”

Now Video Game Writer Are Worried That AI Will Take Away Their Jobs:

Netflix is willing to pay its generative AI technical head up to $650,000. Video game writers are worried that generative AI will take away their jobs. Ubisoft, a big game maker, says that it already uses generative AI to write lines for nonplayer characters.

Netflix, on the other hand, says that one of its games, “Scriptic: Crime Stories,” a story-driven action game about tales of crime, “uses generative AI to assist with tell them.”

What Do Actors Get Paid?

Some big stars can make tens of millions of dollars for a movie, which is a lot of money. But most artists who aren’t popular names make a lot less.

Members say that about 87% of SAG-AFTRA members earn beneath $26,000 a year from acting, which means they don’t qualify for health insurance through the union.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for actors in the United States was nearly $18 an hour last year. This means that half of all actors make less and half make more.

Artist Make An Average Of $27.73 Per Hour In California:

In California, artists make an average of $27.73 per hour, whereas in New York, they make an average of $63.39. If you worked full-time at these hourly rates, you could make a lot of money.

But because playing jobs are usually part-time and don’t last all year, most artists don’t make much money, and many also have other jobs. The BLS says that the top 10% of actors make $109 an hour.