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Never go to the Rio carnival again or never play soccer again? Ronaldinho underwent a curious ping pong

Ronaldinho’s fun ping pong on the official Barcelona channel

Every appearance of RonaldinhoRegardless of whether it is positive or negative, it generates repercussions around the world. The Brazilian star is very loved by the soccer planet and this time it was because of a series of questions that they asked him on the official channel of Barcelona where he left some answers that attracted attention.

The section called “Impossible Decisions”, Dinho took some time to think about one of the hardest questions they could ask: “Never play football again or never be able to go back to Rio Carnival?”. After a few seconds of silence, the former footballer answered for sure. “No, never leave football”he admitted with a laugh.

From the beginning they made him doubt Ronaldinho with themes such as choosing a world without sun or without football. The round was an object of greater attraction and was selected by the hitch. One of the most surprising responses in the funny interview was when they made him choose whether to return to playing professionally or to be the best samba dancer in the world. The Brazilian did not hesitate and chose the second option.

Your announcement when you caught the coronavirus

In addition, one of the options that the Barcelona fans fell in love with the most is when they asked him what moment he would like to relive with the culé shirt. “The 15 years that I was in the club”, ratified the born in Porto Alegre. The host tried to dig a little deeper and wanted me to name a specific moment but the answer made all the fans of the Spanish box smile: “Every moment I would live again.” To close, he had to choose whether to kick the free throws as David Beckham, Roberto Carlos O Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho He did not hesitate to choose the Argentine when it came to set pieces.

It is worth remembering that in August 2020 the former soccer player was benefited with the conditional suspension of the procedure in the case for the use of public documents with false content for which he was prosecuted in Paraguay. After paying the bail, he was able to return to his country. But the bad news didn’t end there: a month later, the crack announced on his social networks that he was infected with coronavirus.

His recovery was a success and Ronaldinho’s present is more than positive. Between campaigns and advertising, it is estimated that he recovered what he had to pay as bail in Paraguay and even had a large profit. Ronaldinho’s image has grown in recent times since his charisma is something that hypnotizes people.


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