New Amazon CEO vows to make more games after latest internal troubles


Current Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has pledged his support for the company’s gaming division after publicizing the infighting that has taken place in Amazon Game Studios.

In an email seen by Bloomberg, Jassy acknowledged the difficulties they have faced so far, and which have led to the closure of games like Crucible only months after their official launch. “Some companies take off in the first year and others take many years”Jassy said in an email to staff. “While we have not been consistently successful at AGS yet, I believe we will succeed if we endure.”. Jassy will replace Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos later this year after Bezos announced that he would step down on Tuesday.

Amazon's Crucible Is Headed Back To Closed Beta a Month After Release

Jassy’s email of support was apparently a follow-up to an email from Mike Frazzini, the current head of Amazon Game Studios. Frazzini was addressing a recent Bloomberg report that shed light on issues behind the scenes at the studio. The Bloomberg report spoke of multiple canceled projects, mismanagement, and a hard-to-work game engine at Amazon Lumberyard, apparently causing difficulties during development.

In emails obtained by Bloomberg, Frazzini is reported to say that the study “has zero tolerance for [el tipo de comportamiento del cual se les acusó incialmente], or anything less than a fully equitable and inclusive environment[…] We have learned and improved a lot along the way, myself included, and we will continue to do so. “, Frazzini continued. “Making great games is difficult and we are not going to do everything right.”.

Amazon hasn’t been very successful in the gaming space so far, but Jassy and Frazzini’s comments suggest they don’t seem to give up just yet. Separately, the company announced its foray into cloud game streaming in 2020 with Amazon Luna. And its long-term journey remains to be seen.

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