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New details of the shocking robbery of Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara came to light

It was four days after the robbery suffered by Mauro Icardi and his family in the house in Paris where, according to what happened, the thieves took goods for 400,000 euros (485,000 dollars). While the information from The team indicated that they destroyed jewelry, watches and luxury clothing that the soccer player’s partner usually wears, Wanda Nara, his sister, Zaira Nara, assured that they do not know exactly what they are missing and that they have not made the complaint yet”. She gave details of what happened and described what the neighborhood where they live is like.

“The house is the one you see there in the images. Horrible news. They were not there. It seems that insecurity is not only ours, it is also said in Paris, from what my sister tells me about friends and also family of other players, is that There is a lot of insecurity, this type of robbery of entering the houses with or without people is like quite usual. They had the security measures that a house of this nature can have, but there was no one in the house ”, Zaira said in the program Cut by Lozano in Telefé. She replaces Veronica Lozano in driving.

“That data of the missing money and the jewels is something that circulated, but still the complaint is not made because neither of them was in the house, neither Mauro who was concentrated nor Wanda who was in Milan with all the rest of the family. So they still did not arrive to see exactly what was missing. The Police arrived and the landlords were there, who live in the house next to Wanda’s house, and they were the first to realize it, ”they added.

“They are going to file the complaint. The police were at the scene, but it is difficult to know what you missed. There are things that you realize were stolen from you over time. When you want to go to use that wallet, you realize that it is no longer there ”, he stressed.

Although Zaira affirmed that they do not know exactly what was stolen from them, it transpired that her sister Wanda's clothes were abundant in the loot (Instagram: @wanda_icardi).
Although Zaira affirmed that they do not know exactly what was stolen from them, it transpired that her sister Wanda’s clothes were abundant in the loot (Instagram: @wanda_icardi).

Zaira expressed her concern as “they entered through a window, from what I understand. The saddest thing of all, beyond the material, is that you feel that it is no longer your home. You feel like they’ve been investigating you. What worries me the most is that they have marked you, that they have made a study of what time you leave, what time you come back”.

It is not a private neighborhoodIt is a very nice neighborhood, with very nice houses. It is a house that is on the street ”, he described about the area where the property is.

“They are all together, my mother is also there, now they are in Milan doing some paperwork so they were not there. Wherever my sister goes she takes the whole family. Especially since Mauro was focused. There is also that question of what would have happened if perhaps the boys were in the house ”, he reflected.

Vestidor de Wanda Nara (Instagram: @wanda_icardi).
Vestidor de Wanda Nara (Instagram: @wanda_icardi).

“I do not know if they have security cameras because it is a house that they live recently. I know that in other houses yes, I don’t know if the cameras are installed ”, he assured. And he clarified: “It’s all weird, it was at the right time. Trustworthy landlords they were the first to notice because they entered the house to do something and it was all mixed up. They didn’t hear anything. They are specialists, obviously those who enter such a house. There was no alarm ”.

“I know it was at night, at dawn, and they found out the next morning. They are afraid to go home. Obviously they are going to return, because Mauro plays there and the boys go to school very close to home. It’s a super nice neighborhood and she (Wanda) fell in love with the city, she loves it ”, he concluded.

The robbery was on Saturday night or Sunday morning and, as Zaira said, her relatives were not in the house. Adding to his sister’s explanation is the absence of his brother-in-law, who played for PSG on Sunday in the 3-2 defeat against Lorient.

Zaira is very close to her sister and her nephews.
Zaira is very close to her sister and her nephews.

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