New images of Falcon and the Winter Soldier in their spectacular final trailer


There are barely four days left to enjoy Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the next big MCU production for Disney +. And while we wait “patiently”, Marvel has decided to give us one last gift before the official premiere (next Friday, March 19, 2021).

Thus, the final trailer for the series has just been released. And as you will see below, this one arrives with almost 2 minutes of authentic show. And best of all: with new images of the series completely unpublished until today.

In the trailer you can clearly see the trend that the series will have towards the action genre. However, we remind you that it will also place great emphasis on the personal history of its protagonists. In this way, the couple, who came together in the final moments of Avengers: Endgame, will team up in a global adventure that tests their skills and patience.

In fact, Kevin Feige has already confirmed that the format of the series itself (it will be 6 long-duration episodes) will allow us to delve a lot into the personal lives of the protagonists. Without going any further, we can learn more about the past of Sam Wilson. That same past that, somehow, emotionally united Captain America so much.

There are still some mysteries to solve regarding what the series will offer us. But at least you won’t have to wait long to find out everything. Without going any further, we remind you that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will bring back some of the oldest characters in the MCU. Could they be from Phase 1?

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Finally, we remind you that if you live in Madrid (and if not, an image never hurts), you can enjoy a spectacular promotion regarding the premiere of this series. Basically, the Madrid Metro has been transformed to welcome Falcon and the Winter Soldier.