New information on Star Wars Eclipse: Quantic Dream game might not arrive until 2027


Insider Tom Henderson alludes to hiring problems and an initial lack of resources.

This end of 2021 has left us with a month of December full of new announcements. One of them is undoubtedly Star Wars Eclipse, the new title of Quantic Dream that, although we knew they were working on a project of the legendary franchise, we did not know what it was about. During The Game Awards 2021, we finally got to see it.

However, there is still a lot of information to know, since so far we can only assure with certainty that it is a action adventure video game narrative cut with several protagonists set in times of the High Republic. It’s a big production, so if you expected it to last long, you may be right.

It will take at least four more yearsInsider Tom Henderson, a regular industry acquaintance for frequently (and aptly) previewing relevant industry news, has spoken in a new video of the development of Eclipse, ensuring that we might not even see it until the year 2027. Everything will depend on how you take advantage of the production times and the difficulties that arise, but that is the information that comes directly to you.

Star Wars Eclipse

He has ensured that at least he would not be ready for the next four years, and that he currently has around 18 months of development behind their backs. There would be no playable version due to some early issues that Quantic Dream has had to address, such as difficulties with recruiting and lack of resources in the early stages.

In the absence of more details being revealed, we know that David Cage, author of Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human, is very directly involved in the project, although surely other Star Wars video games will hit the market sooner. Perhaps the closest far-reaching is the remake of KOTOR, which has been announced earlier.

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