New problems for Ronaldinho: Brazilian Justice is looking for him and he could go back to jail

Archive image of Ronaldinho when he had to appear in Paraguay for the cause that imprisoned him for almost six months (EFE)
Archive image of Ronaldinho when he had to appear in Paraguay for the cause that imprisoned him for almost six months (EFE)

Ronaldinho faces problems with the Justice again after the scandal in Paraguay that he had it almost six months behind bars. Now, the Brazilian is claiming a debt with a former partner and his absences from the last summons could lead to an arrest, unless he catches up with the payment of the pension.

This was confirmed by Bruno Medrado, Priscilla Coelho’s lawyer, who assured in front of the 1st Family Court of Rio de Janeiro that he had maintained a stable relationship with the former soccer player for six years. Although there is little public data on the cause that is under summary secrecy, this week some local portals reported that the former PSG and Barcelona player must pay the woman 100 thousand reais (USD 17.8 thousand) per month. Responsibility from which I came fleeing.

Apparently, this figure was fixed in 2020 as a result of a process that began in 2019, after the couple’s separation. “In this case, the execution process, which we have already started to receive the amount, already defined in the process that will judge regarding the stable union, of this provisional pension, does not fit into this discussion. SIf you want to reverse this decision, you have to go to the main process. What gave him this provisional alimony. Now it’s pay or pay”, He explained in dialogue with the site Extra lawyer Bruno Medrado.

Ronaldinho was traveling through France and is now in Qatar (AFP)
Ronaldinho was traveling through France and is now in Qatar (AFP)

That is Ronaldinho has no alternative but to pay the total amount owed, which was not disclosed by the press. The worst thing is that on November 11, the man who was champion with Brazil of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup was summoned by the Rio de Janeiro court, but could not be located. The same happened on other occasions and for that, Should you fail to pay your fair share on December 1, you could be arrested.

If he does not comply with his obligations, Ronaldinho, who is currently in Qatar, could lose assets or even properties, according to the amount he must pay, and what is even worse, could end up behind bars as, already It happened in early 2020.

On that occasion he and his brother had entered Paraguay on March 4 to develop an agenda related to a charity event for poor children. In addition, the idol of Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint Germain and AC Milan was scheduled to inaugurate the casino of a Brazilian businessman and launch a memoir. But both crossed the border with forged documents and were imprisoned for more than five months, having been linked to a local gang that was dedicated precisely to the tampering of passports.

At the hearing on his release, the Prosecutor’s Office highlighted in its final brief that Ronaldinho did not participate in the manufacturing plan for the false content of Paraguayan passports and identity cards that were seized from them. Of his brother, they had said that “there are no indicators that he has personal traits or criminal behavior that in a field of regulated freedom endangers society.” In this way, he was benefited with the “conditional suspension of the procedure.” In addition, he agreed to pay $ 90,000 in cash as reparation for the social damage caused by his conduct. The money was allocated to the National University of Asunción, the Hospital de Clínicas and the solidarity campaign “Todos Somos Bianca”.


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